Tipstrr : October’s best new tipsters

October's best new tipsters

Every month the number of new tipster services launching on Tipstrr seems to be getting larger and larger, leaving us with plenty to choose from when it comes to sorting out our monthly Best New Tipster rankings.

Here’s a few who have certainly done enough to catch the eye during their first few months on Tipstrr, including a healthy mix for horse racing and football tipsters, as well as a mention in dispatches for basketball, tennis and boxing.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer…

8th LuckyBets – 58 tips, 11.0% ROI ?

Profit: £127.11 to £20 average stakes

The NBA season might have concluded, but lockdowns permitting, there is still plenty of European hard court action to keep our basketball fans happy, giving LuckyBets plenty of scope to build his burgeoning tipster service. Four completed months on Tipstrr have produced four months of profit, with August (12.1% ROI from 63 tips), September (14.1% from 60) and October (11% from 58) all combining to represent remarkable consistency, especially in the basketball market, where margins are so tricky to call.

7th Each Way Spireite – 328 tips, 21.2% ROI

Profit: £1389.21 to £20 average stake

If you like plenty of betting activity, then Each Way Spireite is your man, although he might not please all horse racing purists, both in terms of his preference for each-way betting and for the sheer volume of his selections. However, anyone who could manage their betting funds sufficiently to cope with his average of ten tips per day through October will not have been disappointed by over sixty winners, plus numerous each-way places to accrue a 21% yield and over £1300 in winnings to £20 stakes.

6th MMA God – 67 tips, 25.1% ROI ?

Profit: £336.15 to £20 average stakes

Don’t be totally misled by the name – yes MMA God does like to bet on boxing and MMA, but in truth his main sport continues to be tennis. Now into his fifth straight profitable month, the good news is that he is equally successful in each sport, boasting a 20% ROI from 50 tennis tips over the last month, and a tasty 42% yield from 17 boxing/MMA selections over the same period. The phrase two-for-the-price-of-one springs to mind, and whatever your sport it looks like you won’t be disappointed.

5th HC King – 290 tips, 26.6% ROI ?

Profit: £1544.73 to £20 average stakes

The first of our featured football tipsters, HC King will certainly keep you busy and you will require a certain amount of time management and betting discipline to cope with his volume of tips . Nearly 300 selections in October produced close to 150 winners and at average advised odds of 2.49, that was enough to produce a more than decent 26% ROI. If you like plenty of betting, then that kind of profit can not be sneezed at, but we would always recommend exercising caution with such a prolific output.

4th On The Money Tips – 165 tips, 31.6% ROI

Profit: £1042.54 to £20 average stake

Sometimes it pays for a tipster to step back and dissect his own service to see where his strengths might lie, and that’s something that On The Money Tips appears to have done in October, abandoning the race winner side of his service and focusing more fully on his much more productive each-way tips. The result was his most successful month to date, accruing a 31% ROI and clearing over £2000 in profit to level £20 stakes, while his all-time ROI of 15% would be well over 20% if confined to each-way tips alone.

3rd The Tote All Tipster – 60 tips, 47.5% ROI

Profit: £569.68 to £20 average stake

In third place we have The Tote All Tipster, who virtually mirrors the above service in enjoying more success in the each-way market than with on-the-nose selections. His 60 tips in October earned a tasty 47% return on investment, while in isolation his 40 each-way tips would have increased that ROI to well over 60%. Either way, no-one would complain at over £500 in winnings in just a single month, but nevertheless it’s always worth examining your tipster’s stats for more profitable patterns and trends.

2nd Horseforacourse – 56 tips, 39.7% ROI

Profit: £444.41 to £20 average stake

The last of our four horse racing tipsters is Horseforacourse, who makes a worthy runner-up among our list of fledgling services. Another each-way specialist, this promising newcomer first caught our eye with 100+% yields in each of his first two months on Tipstrr, and although that level of success is impossible to maintain, three further monthly gains have proved this service is no flash in the pan. His 56 selections in October brought in seven tasty winners (including three in two days advised at 25/1,16/1 and 10/1), backed up by 13 each-way places to earn a solid 39% ROI. Tasty indeed.

1st Team Penal07 – 30 tips, 70.0% ROI

Profit: £420.13 to £20 average stake

Top of our pile of September’s new tipster services we present Penal07, whose concoction of football and basketball tips combined to earn over £400 in winnings to level £20 stakes. Twenty winning tips from thirty selections equates to a 67% win rate, and at average advised odds of 2.89, that was more than enough to convert that win rate into a 70% ROI for the month. Tipping Rayo Vallecano to score Over 3.5 goals at odds of 15.00 gave the month a kickstart, and the good news is that he has begun November in winning style too, with each of his first four selections landing to provide a springboard for what might well be another bumper month.

We hope you enjoyed our little dip into the large pool of promising talent currently gracing the Tipstrr platform, and we hope you spend a few moments considering if they could be a good fit for your own tipster portfolio. While we would always advise against getting too excited about new services before they have a chance to prove themselves properly, we should also remember that many of our most successful established tipsters themselves began on our newcomer list, so who knows where these new faces will be this time next year.

Well done again to Penal07 for topping this list, and we hope to see him and others featuring in our main Best Tipster rankings throughout the coming months.

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