Tipstrr: January football tipster of the month

January football tipster of the month

Here at Tipstrr, we’ve barely caught our breath from proudly announcing the winners in our 2018 Tipster of the Year competitions, and here we are in February already, with another list of outstanding tipsters who have done enough to merit a place in our January Football Tipster of the Month awards.

We love when we get the chance to parade the vast array of talent we have among our tipsters. It gives all our members a chance to benefit from their success by seeing what kind of rewards they are capable of achieving by taking advantage of the special subscription offers we have available on most of our tipsters right now. As you will see from the list below, some of these football tipsters’ returns have been outstanding, with profits ranging from a better-than-average 16% to a wallet-bulging 64% ROI.

In the more conservative markets of football betting, such returns can only be achieved with thorough research, a strong betting strategy, and consistent success.

10th – mr.draw – 14 tips, 16% ROI
Profit: £45.00 to £20 average stakes

Ok, one short blast of the whistle and we kick off in tenth spot with mr.draw, and no prizes for guessing that his betting model is based around searching for and identifying well-priced draws in the football market. This strategy is not everyone’s cup of tea, as this can obviously be a volatile market, where a late goal at either end can turn a winning bet into a losing bet (and vice versa of course). Mr.draw emphasises in his profile that with the odds of a draw hovering around the 3.50 mark, he needs a success rate of around 32% to provide a yield in excess of 10%. Five successful tips from 14 carefully selected draws in January saw him reach that hit rate – in fact, he exceeded it (36%), to bring in a tidy ROI of 16%.

9th – MAJOR 1X2X3 All Sports – 89 tips, 23% ROI
Profit: £406.50 to £20 average stakes

MAJOR 1X2X3 All Sports is an experienced tipster who has attempted several football betting strategies and models before hitting on his most successful one to date. He joined the Tipstrr platform in May of last year and after a couple of months finding his feet, he has gone to from strength, and January represented his sixth consecutive profitable month. A quick read of his profile will give you excellent advice on how to manage your bankroll, and if you had followed all of his tips through January, then your own bankroll would have increased by a whopping £406.50, as his 89 selections brought in a tidy 52 winning tips for 58% hit rate to produce a monthly ROI of 23%.

8th – EFL Advisory – 34 tips, 23% ROI
Profit: £126.29 to £20 average stake

It’s been another great month for EFL Advisory, who has been supplying his followers with a consistently profitable service since March 2017. As his name implies, he specialises in the English Championship and Leagues One and Two, where he finds quality tips for people looking for the extra hidden value that can be found outside of the Premier League. An outstanding 2018 earned him a deserved spot in Tipstrr’s Football Tipster of the Year top ten, and he hit the ground running again in January, when his 34 tips produced 15 winners at average odds in excess of 2.50, resulting in an impressive 23% ROI for the month.

7th – Better Bettor – 61 tips, 27% ROI
Profit: £325.10 to £20 average stake

Better Bettor’s Tipstrr profile proclaims that a successful tipster must have an edge that sets him aside from and ahead of the pack. Well, there is no denying the edge that this tipster has given over the bookies for his growing number of followers since he joined the platform in August. Five profitable months in 2018 earned him 4th position in the Football Tipster of the Year countdown, and if January is anything to go buy, he looks on course to better that position in the year ahead. No less than 37 winning tips from just 61 selections equates to a massive 63% success rate, and at average selected odds of around evens, that has unsurprisingly resulted in a very juicy 27% ROI for the month.

6th – DAP Unprobables 2 – 63 tips, 34% ROI
Profit: £429.75 to £20 average stake

Having joined us in December 2017, only a sticky patch in the middle of last year cost DAP Unprobables 2 a place in our Football Tipster of the Year awards, but since then he has not looked back. Finishing 2018 with three highly profitable months, January saw him carry on in exactly the same rich vein of form, producing a hit rate of 48% across 63 tips at selected odds just shy of 3.00. Maintaining that success rate while selecting those kinds of prices in the tricky 1X2 football betting market, it is little wonder that DAP rewarded his members with a 34% ROI and over £400 clear profit for January alone.

5th – Ulrik- 21 tips, 47% ROI
Profit: £198.40 to £20 average stake

Into the Champions League qualifying places now and in fourth spot we have Ulrik, who has quietly established a reputation for himself as a successful football tipster during his six months on the Tipstrr site. He only provided 21 tips through January, but his followers won’t be complaining about that when 15 of them came in for a success rate of 74% at average odds of around evens. This tipster specialises in the English Premier League and Championship, as well as Brazilian leagues, and he certainly has his finger on the pulse of the Asian Handicap market, which he has utilised to great effect to bring in a massive 47% ROI for the month.

4th – MrBwino Premium – 11 tips, 50% ROI
Profit: £109.84 to £20 average stake

We’re always happy when any of our longest-serving tipsters appear on our top ten lists. MrBwino Premium certainly ticks that box, having been a contributor to the Tipstrr platform since September 2016, specialising in Australian and Swedish football, but provides tips from elsewhere as well. He has not rested on his laurels of finishing sixth in our 2018 Football Tipster of the Year awards, and has been fast out of the blocks this year as well, providing six winning tips from his eleven selections through January. Yes, that’s a relatively small output, that that is MrBwino’s strategy, and his followers certainly won’t be upset with a juicy 50% ROI so far this year.

3rd – Make Betting Great Again 2K18 – 32 tips, 55% ROI
Profit: £353.44 to £20 average stake

After a tricky first month, this tipster ended 2018 with three profitable months, but that was merely a foundation for an outstanding start to the New Year. Averaging around a tip per day from leagues all around Europe, Make Betting Great Again gave his members 19 winners from his 32 selections, an outstanding hit rate when selected odds were around 2.67. Those stats all combine to produce a phenomenal ROI in excess of 55%, meaning a mouthwatering £353 clear profit for anyone committing £20 units to all of those carefully selected tips.

2nd – Sunday League Betting – 14 tips, 64% ROI
Profit: £179.00 to £20 average stake

This tipster has only been with us since September but has already proved that his tipping abilities are more Premier League than Sunday League, as four consecutive profitable months in 2018 will testify. Looking for the best-hidden value in football leagues all around the world, this tipster has built on that foundation to great effect, resulting in a jaw-dropping 64% ROI for the month. Any self-respecting bettor will tell you that they would prefer quality over quantity every time, and Sunday League Betting’s does not inundate his followers with hundreds of tips. However, when they receive one, they know it has been thoroughly researched and carefully selected, and the fact that nine winning tips (out of 14) brought in £179 clear profit prove the value of the strategy.

1st – Break The Bank – 145 tips, 34% ROI
Profit: £982.68 to £20 average stake

Just missing out on a top five spot, but still part of the Big Six, we have Break The Bank, who is celebrating his first full year on the Tipstrr platform with his most successful spell to date. This tipster is the most prolific of those on this list, averaging four or five selections a day through January, but quality has certainly not been sacrificed for quantity, as his 145 tips brought in 61 winners at average selected odds of 3.34. That hit rate was enough to produce an impressive ROI touching 34%, and a bank-bursting £982 of pure profit for anyone putting a £20 stake on each of his tips.

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