Tipstrr Football Tipster of the Year 2019

Tipstrr’s best football tipster of 2019

2019's best football tipster

As a new year gets underway, we’ve been scanning the stats and assessing the achievements of all Tipstrr’s football tipsters to determine who has been most successful throughout 2019.

We’ll be announcing the medal positions in due course, but we’re going to kick off by bringing your attention to a few that didn’t quite make the top three, but who we feel have done enough to deserve an honorary mention.

Please bear in mind that while results are obviously the prime deciding factor in these rankings, other criteria such as longevity, consistency, and quality of service have also been taken into account.

You’ll probably notice that the profits attained in football rarely reach the dizzying heights of our top horse racing tipsters, and the reasons for that are as simple as they are inevitable. Horse racing betting markets are generally much more open, offering lucrative odds down the field that are not so easy to replicate or achieve in football betting.

The reverse side of that, of course, is that the results of football matches are generally easier to call than those of horse racing and so the win rates tend to be higher.

Anyway, these seven tipsters are listed below in nothing more than alphabetical order, so check them out and feel free to follow the links to have a closer look at their remarkable success stories.


Alias Core – 1259 tips, 9.3% ROI
Profit: £2353.22 to £20 average stakes

Alias Core has just completed his first full year on the Tipstrr platform, and what a great debut year it has been, including eight out of twelve profitable months, of which six produced an ROI in excess of 10%. The first thing we need to tell you about Alias Core is that he provides two services for the price of one, with his coverage of the European ice hockey leagues bringing in a hefty 11% yield on its own. His staking plan can be varied, so it is worth keeping an eye on his advised stakes, but by and large his preference for 8, 9 or 10 units has made up the bulk of his consistent profit building. His football service has enjoyed a 10% yield from over 700 tips, all achieved thanks to an impressive 53% win rate at average odds above the even-money line. If you like two tipsters for the price of one, then Alias Core might just be for you.

Check out the technical analysis of Alias Core


Amigobet – 1092 tips, 12.5% ROI
Profit: £2740.47 to £20 average stakes

Amigobet is another tipster who focuses predominantly on football, but who doesn’t mind dipping his toe into other sports, ideal for anyone who likes to add a little variety to their betting portfolio. This tipster came back to us in April after a five-month hiatus and once he found his feet, he has not looked back since, finishing 2019 with eight consecutive profitable months – none of them individually life-changing, but all of them combining to produce a rock-solid 12% yield over the year. Those profits were built on multi-sport knowledge that brought returns in football (11.5% from 750+ tips), basketball (14% from 150+ tips), tennis (6% from 82), handball (32% from 44) and baseball (22% from 30). That’s quite a CV, and its little wonder that Amigobet has become one of our most popular multi-sport services.


Hoperoadtips – 553 tips, 6.8% ROI
Profit: £753.68 to £20 average stakes

Hoperoadtips joined the Tipstrr community in May and has suffered just two slight drawdown months in his eight months on the platform. Mainly active in the Over/Under markets, this tipster has met most success in the even more niche markets of Home Team, Away Team and 1st Half scores under that market’s umbrella. November was particularly productive for Hoperoadtips, with a year’s best win rate of 53% at a year’s highest average odds of 2.33 combining to return a whopping 31% gain for the month. With an easily managed single-unit staking plan and tips published well in advance, this a service for those who like to receive their tips, place their bets and let the profit take care of itself.


Odio al Futbol Moderno – 508 tips, 8.6% ROI
Profit: £873.96 to £20 average stakes

Don’t be fooled by the name of Odio al Futbol Moderno, which translates as “I hate modern football”. This guy clearly loves the game just as much as he loves taking money from the bookies, as he has done consistently throughout the first year of his service. It hasn’t been a totally smooth ride by any means, but the peaks have by far outweighed the occasional trough, and an overall ROI of over 8% is right up there with the best of our top-performing longer-term football tipsters. His betting model is simple and he knows his way around the European leagues well enough to identify value in the Win & Both Teams To Score market. The winners might be fewer and further between (34% win rate), but the rewards are greater at an average published price of 3.30, and indeed if he had stuck to single bets in this market alone, then that ROI climbs to an even more impressive 10.6%.


Sports Insider – 819 tips, 9.4% ROI
Profit: £1545.74 to £20 average stakes

Sports Insider is now a household name on Tipstrr. Having previously run a wildly succesful basketball service, this true bookie insider has branched out with the help of the football information he gets his hands on. And what a year it has been for this popular tipster, and surely only a slight decline in recent months has prevented him from finishing higher up in these rankings. After joining us in August 2018, he brought in a monthly gain in all but one month of his first full year on the site,which included kicking off 2019 with seven straight profitable months – an unbelievable record that has had people clamouring for his services. Another tipster who likes to dabble in other sports, his inside knowledge of football all around the globe is where this proven tipster’s strength lies, and indeed his gains in football betting alone have been over 15% through 2019, with a monetary gain across all six of his preferred betting markets


The Numbers Man – 790 tips, 7.9% ROI
Profit: £386.24 to £20 average stakes

The Numbers Man hasn’t been with us for the whole of 2019, but in the nine months since he launched his service in April, his statistically-based betting model has done more than enough to merit a mention in our Tipster of the Year rankings. Those nine months produced just one monthly setback, with his eight profitable months combining to create an overall 7.9% gain over the course of the year. As he says in his profile page, successful betting is not just about finding winners (which he does regularly, hence his 50% win rate), but about finding value that makes the odds worth more than the bookies realise (which he also does often, with average advised odds of 2.33). And the good news is that our Numbers Man has started the new year in the same successful vein with four winners and a push from his first six tips of 2020


weBET Football World – 704 tips, 9.9% ROI
Profit: £1399.71 to £20 average stakes

It’s been a great year for anyone who has followed weBET Football World, who provided his members with a solid return just shy of 10% over the course of 2019. With all his tips published in the same mid-morning window, and with a simple single-unit staking plan, following this proven performer could not be easier or more convenient. Generally working at average odds of 3.40, weBET wins a far greater percentage of bets than mere statistical probability would suggest he should, and his ability to identify that kind of value really is the key to staying successful and profitable in the long-run. Focusing solely on football and exclusively in the 1X2 market, WeBet casts his net over a number of leagues from around the world and fares particularly well in European club competitions.

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