Tipstrr : Best Horse Racing Tipsters of the Month Jun 2020

June’s best horse racing tipsters

June's best horse racing tipsters

We’re surely all agreed that the ten weeks without UK horse racing seemed interminable, but that’s hopefully all behind us now, and although mask-wearing jockeys racing behind closed doors is not quite the same, it hasn’t prevented some thrilling racing and some outstanding performances from some of our top horse racing tipsters throughout the month of June.

Considering these top performers had to reboot their services from a standing start with minimal form to go on, then the results they have achieved over four weeks is all the more remarkable. When you can boast a 62% monthly ROI and still not force your way into the top three, then you know you’re rubbing shoulders with some seriously talented tipsters.

But that’s enough preamble – let’s crack on with our shortlist of top performers.

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10th Thoroughbred – 73 tips, 30.6% ROI

Profit: £446.47 to £20 average stake

Our top ten kicks off with Thoroughbred, who actually only launched his service live this month, but qualifies on account of his eight months of fully verified Tipstrr stats as a hidden service. He did this because he wanted to test and proof his betting model to make sure it was in the best possible shape before launching it for his prospective members, The result? Those members have been rewarded with a professional service and a 30% yield on their stakes after enjoying 15 winners at average odds exceeding 5/1. Nice start.

9th AG Tips – 79 tips, 33.2% ROI

Profit: £523.94 to £20 average stakes

AG Tips has wasted no time in bouncing back to the kind of form that has seen him grace these monthly rankings before during his first year on the Tipstrr platform. After exceeding 20% ROI n each of his first six months, he enjoyed similar form just before the lockdown with 48% growth in March, and has returned as if he has never been away with a tidy 33% yield in June. Exploring eachway value in the lower half of the markets, AG’s five winners were well separated, but 17 eachway places have been more than enough to make those profits climb. His regular race previews explaining his selections are a nice additional touch.

8th The Strict Rule System – 24 tips, 80.9% ROI

Profit: £388.13 to £20 average stake

As one of our longer serving horse racing tipsters, it’s good to see The Strict Rule System still cutting it with the newer kids on the block. You can’t boast an overall ROI of 14% from nearly 1300 tips spanning three full years of service without having a well-honed betting strategy and an eye for value to match. And to save your best monthly return for your 36th month on the site boasts a longevity and consistency that few tipsters can match. One of our more selective tipsters, his 24 runners produced six winners, and the fact that three of those winners eased home at close to even money, while another each-way shot romped in at 16/1 suggests a tipster who is capable of sniffing out the best value, no matter where it’s lurking..

7th Flying Horse Stars – 25 tips, 230.5% ROI

Profit: £1152.50 to £20 average stake

Flying Horse Stars had to wait until the 22nd day of the month for his preferred National Hunt racing to reboot, but when it did, he wasted no time in announcing his return in phenomenal style. Six selections on the first day of jump racing at Limerick brought three eachway winners at whopping odds of 40/1, 33/1 and 20/1, followed up with further successes at 18/1 and 9/1 over the next few days, combining to create a mind-blowing 230% gain for the month. While we know the gaps between such high-priced winners are usually much longer than that, it’s hard to argue with such a scintillating purple patch, and the fact that Flying Horse Stars is able to boast an overall ROI nudging 9% from over 2,600 tips spanning nearly two years suggests that this tipster’s ups more than outweigh the downs.

6th SVB Tips – 215tips, 34.8% ROI

Profit: £1495.60 to £20 average stake

In truth, we are doing SVB Tips a slight disservice in quoting his 34% ROI for June, because that is actually the overall figure across all sports for this talented multi-market tipster. Having also enjoyed lesser profits in football, esports and tennis, his actual yield in June for horse racing alone was a whopping 55% after enjoying a 25% win rate across close to a hundred tips at average odds of over 5/1. SVB Tips finished in the top ten of Tipstrr’s 2019 rankings in both horse racing and football, and he remains a jewel in Tipstrr’s crown. If you want plenty of varied betting activity that has brought almost relentless success, then you’ll be joining the many satisfied members currently enjoying SVB’s vibrant multi-sport service.

5th Longshooter – 96 tips, 46.2% ROI

Profit: £886.45 to £20 average stakes

Longshooter has just celebrated the first anniversary of his successful horse racing service, and although interrupted by the two-month lockdown, all of his ten completed months on Tipstrr have produced a healthy profit, combining to create an overall annual yield of 23%. June was no exception, as he maintained his strategy of combining on-the-nose winners from the top of the betting with longer-priced eachway selections to produce that eye-catching 46% monthly growth. He really does explore the whole of the market to provide his growing membership with the best value he can find, and a whole year of unrelenting profit makes him a shoe-in for anyone looking to enhance their tipster portfolio with a rock solid performer.

4th Talo Bets – 61 tips, 62.7% ROI

Profit: £764.75 to £20 average stake

Talo Bets might easily have topped these rankings in previous months, but such has been the standard set in June that his juicy 62% ROI is not even enough to get him into the top three. This tipster has hit the ground running since launching his service in February this year, when he announced his arrival with a whopping 66% profit in his first month. After exploring the American markets throughout the lockdown, the resumption of UK racing has unsurprisingly coincided with a timely surge in race winners, eachway places and, of course, profits for this increasingly popular service.

3rd Wannawin BM – 114 tips, 74.0% ROI

Profit: £1716.76 to £20 average stake

Fourteen completed months on the site, twelve of them profitable (ten with double-digit ROI’s) hardly scratch the surface of the professional service and consistent success that WannaWin BM provides. Always publishing his tips at achievable odds in a regular mid-morning window, plus constant updates and communication with his members, all combine to create a service deserving of his current TipstrrPro status, and it was no surprise that he topped our 2019 Best Tipster rankings. And now he’s back, hitting the ground running with 22 on-the-nose winners from 114 runners in June for a 19% win rate and well over £1600 profit banked to level £20 stakes. With Wannawin, it’s really less a case of whether you can afford to have him in your tipster portfolio, and more a question of how can you afford NOT to?.

2nd Quasi’s Hunches – 77 tips, 82.5% ROI

Profit: £1270.17 to £20 average stake

If you like the thrills and spills of eachway outsider betting, then look no further than Quasi’s Hunches, whose success suggests that he is far more than just a pinsticker following hunches. Obviously, at average advised odds nudging 10/1, you will need to keep your patience and your betting discipline in the inevitable waits between winners, but Quasi’s all-time ROI of 11% suggests that those waits are not long enough to prevent a sizeable overall gain. Eight juicy winners from 77 selections in June included successes at 25/1 and 20/1, plus two more at 18/1, and when you factor in a further 14 eachway places, nine of which were priced between 16/1 and 40/1, then it’s easy to see why this popular service is ringing a few bells for our users.

1st Top Rated Value – 77 tips, 88.5% ROI

Profit: £1363.00 to £20 average stake

It’s been almost a year since Top Rated Value last graced our monthly best tipster list, but he’s certainly announced his return to form in emphatic style to top our June rankings. Indeed, the enforced lockdown appears to have come at the right time for this two-year Tipstrr veteran, giving him time to regroup and redress his betting strategies to great effect.  His third tip of the month eased home at 15/2, while his last did the same at 8/1, and in between there were a further 13 winners to enjoy, at odds ranging from 4/1, through 11/1 and 14/1, while 40/1 shot Seneca Chief really put the icing on the cake. His 88% monthly gain converts to a financial profit of £1363 to level £20 stakes. giving his increasing number of members and followers plenty of reasons to celebrate. And the good news is that he has already begun the new month in similar vein, with his four selections on the first day of July including two successes at 15/2 and 2/1. A worthy winner!!

So there you have it. Ten top tipsters who have all hit the ground running to provide astounding profits during the first month since racing came home. Well done again to Top Rated Value for leading such a prestigious bunch of profitable high achievers, but well done also to the many other successful tipsters who didn’t quite make this month’s cut, all of whom remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.

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