Tipstrr : Best Horse Racing Tipsters Oct’20

October's best horse racing tipsters

As horse racing transitions between the summer flat season and the winter National Hunt season, our top tipsters could have been forgiven for a temporary decline in their performance, but they’re having none of it.

They continue to perform at an outstanding level, as you will see from October’s Best Horse Racing Tipster rankings below, with their monthly yields ranging from a more than decent 15% right the way up to a mind-blowing 142% ROI in first place.

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10th Thoroughbred – 101 tips, 15.0% ROI

Profit: £330.90 to £20 average stakes

Bringing up the rear in tenth spot is Thoroughbred, whose service has been gradually finding its feet since launching on the Tipstrr platform a year ago, finally being rewarded with his best month since June. A steady mix of race winner and each-way selections keeps things interesting for his followers, as indeed does his 17% hit rate (around one winner in six) at average advised odds of more than 7/1. With all tips published the night before racing, your betting need never be rushed, plus you’ll often benefit from enhanced early market value.

9th Longshooter – 54 tips, 17.7% ROI

Profit: £191.07 to £20 average stake

It’s been a great year so far for Longshooter, whose success has been almost uninterrupted since he relaunched his service in July2019. Since then he has earned a profit in thirteen of his fourteen active months, and since suffering his only downward dip in August, he has produced solid profits in both September and October. A total of 54 tips, all published the night before racing, produced ten winners and thirteen each-way places for an overall 42% success rate, more than enough to convert average advised odds of 13/2 into a tasty 17.7% yield.

8th Flying Horse Stars – 294 tips, 27.3% ROI

Profit: £1607.40 to £20 average stake

No-one will die of boredom following the service of Flying Horse Stars, who is one of our most prolific tipsters, requiring a patient and disciplined betting approach. His strategy is built on the value he finds in the lower reaches of the each-way betting market, and while waiting for 15 high-priced winners from close to 300 selections will not suit all bettors, a further 53 each-way places kept the profits ticking over nicely, and indeed, anyone brave enough to have put £20 stakes on all of his tips would have ended up clearing over £1500 in profit in October.

7th Each Way Value Tips – 30 tips, 26.7% ROI

Profit: £160.05 to £20 average stakes

Next we move onto a tipster who should require no introduction to any of you who follow our top horse racing services. Each Way Value Tips has Tipstrr Pro status for a reason on the site and features regularly in our monthly rankings, due to the solid consistency of his each way betting model. He has once again provided his members with a decent 26% monthly yield, his fifth straight monthly gain since UK horse racing resumed in June, meaning that anyone who put level £20 stakes on all of his 193 tips in that time would now be over £3,800 better off.

6th Gone Racing – 111 tips, 30.2% ROI

Profit: £669.50 to £20 average stake

The recent success of Gone Racing has followed a similar path of Each Way Value, apart from one monthly dip in July. Since then, however, the only way has been up (and up and up), with three straight months of ROI’s exceeding 25%. Gone Racing specialises in making on-the-nose selections at each-way prices, so patience and discipline is required between winners, but when October’s eight winners came in at 28/1, 22/1, 18/1, 14/1, 11/1, 10/1 plus two at 9/1, then those waits should not have seemed quite so bad.

5th Underdog Racing Tips – 107 tips, 54.1% ROI

Profit: £1157.80 to £20 average stake

Everyone loves an underdog, and more and more people are starting to love Underdog Racing Tips after he produced his most successful month of 2020 so far. He never really looked back after kicking off the month with three winners from his first five selections at staggering advised odds of 50/1, 33/1 and 20/1, and although that kind of win rate is impossible to maintain when exploring the lower end of the each-way betting market, a further four winners at equally ridiculous prices (not to mention 14 each-way places) all added up to create a tidy 54% yield for the month.

4th AG Tips – 79 tips, 34.9% ROI

Profit: £551.25 to £20 average stake

The horse racing service of AG Tips embodies much of what we like to see from a professional tipster, including regular onsite posts that offer previews and reviews as well as insights into betting strategies, which all go together to enhance one of Tipstrr’s most popular services. When he can back up that service with the kind of results that have brought AG Tips three straight months of tasty profits (74% ROI in August, 34% in both September and October for well over £2000 profit to £20 stakes), then it’s hardly surprising that his membership is expanding in line with his upwardly trending profits.

3rd Quasi’s Hunches – 155 tips, 35.9% ROI

Profit: £1111.36 to £20 average stake

Quasi’s Hunches is becoming almost a permanent feature of these monthly rankings, and he wasted no time putting himself in the running again when he kicked off October with a juicy 28/1 winner on the first day of the month. He bookended the month in symmetrical style, when his last tip of October also eased home at 14/1, and with a further 11 winners and fifteen each-way places in between, it’s been a lucrative month for anyone who has been following this tipster throughout – to the tune of over £1100 to level £20 stakes.

2nd Picksntips Selections – 113 tips, 67.7% ROI

Profit: £1530.38 to £20 average stake

After getting his service back into shape following the Covid-19 lockdown, it has been very much back to business as usual for Picksntips Selections since July, with three straight profitable months culminating in October’s hefty 67% ROI, making this tipster a worthy runner-up in our monthly rankings. Of course, kicking off the month by advising a winner at 50/1 (Stone Circle at Ascot – 16/1 SP) provided a great platform on which to build a further 12 winners (including seven at 14/1 or above), backed up by 17 each-way places, all adding up to a wallet-bulging £1500 in profits to level £20 stakes.

1st Heli’s Horses – 61tips, 142.3% ROI

Profit: £1735.60 to £20 average stake

All of which brings us very nicely to our new monthly winner, but guess what?! It’s not a new winner at all, but exactly the same winner as last month, only this time Heli’s Horses has exceeded September’s 100% ROI with room to spare, accruing a whopping 142% yield in October. Having just completed two full years on the Tipstrr site, the fact that Heli’s Horses boasts an overall ROI of 25% from nearly 2000 selections only highlights the quality of his service and the sustainability of his betting model. Twelve juicy winners from 61 selections in October set this tipster out well ahead of the chasing pack, and he certainly finished the month with a flourish, recommending Pure Nature at Dundalk on Friday and Massey’s Wood at Down Royal on Saturday, and then watching them both romp home at mouth-watering advised odds of 25/1. The fact that these winners were backed into SP’s of 6/1 and 12/1 respectively only goes to prove further Heli’s excellent eye for betting market value, making his 21% win rate over the past two months all the more remarkable. That 142% yield in October converts to over £1700 in profit to anyone investing £20 stakes, so it’s little wonder that Tipstrr users are flocking to join this lucrative service.



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