Tipstrr : Best horse racing tipsters Nov’20

November's best horse racing tipsters

Another month has passed by, with the National Hunt season is kicking in properly, and as the action picks up, so too have the achievements of many of our top-performing tipsters.

They continue to bring in some outstanding returns, and as you will see from November’s Best Horse Racing Tipster rankings below, their monthly yields have hit some spectacular heights, ranging from a more than decent 18% right the way up to a very tasty 48% ROI in first place.

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10th BettrBet – 66 tips, 17.3% ROI

Profit: £228.44 to £20 average stakes

It.took BettrBet just a few weeks to find his feet when horse racing resumed after lockdown in June, and since then he has hardly looked back, Month after month of relentless success (five on the trot, in fact) culminated in November’s solid 17% return. To maximise his selections’ betting value, he exploits the early market prices by publishing all of his tips the night before racing, a practice that has the added benefit of allowing his members to place their bets more at their leisure.

9th WannaWin BM – 95 tips, 20.8% ROI

Profit: £405.00 to £20 average stake

After a rare fallow period for WannaWin BM, our winner of 2019’s Best Horse Racing Tipster rankings announced his return to form in style in November, especially in the last couple of weeks. In the space of just five days towards the end of the month, less than 30 selections produced seven winners priced between 11/1 and 11/4 to boost his monthly ROI over the 20% mark. And just to show that was no fluke, he began December by tipping Gaelic Geordie at Lingfield, kickstarting the new month with a juicy 33/1 winner!

8th CD Systems Daily Bargain – 29 tips, 23.7% ROI

Profit: £137.37 to £20 average stake

As certain as death and taxes is the fact that CD Systems Daily Bargain will provide his members with steadily upward-trending growth. Adhering strictly to a strategy of providing just one tip per day, all published the night before racing, is not as easy as it sounds. One tip a day reduces the margin of error to a single zero-sum equation, but happily, the sum of CDSDB’s achievements in November was seven tidy winners from his 29 selections, a 24% win rate, and a not-to-be-sneezed at 23% ROI.

7th RockBonsai121  – 126 tips, 23.7% ROI

Profit: £597.75 to £20 average stakes

One of the newer faces to appear on this list, RockBonsai121 made an inauspicious start to his Tipstrr career in June, a performance perhaps explained by a lack of form guide in the post-lockdown horse racing world. Whatever the reason, RockBonsai quickly found his feet, bouncing back with five straight months of steadily increasing profit, ending in November’s 23% yield. Combining a healthy mix of race winner and each-way tips, there is something for every betting taste from this lively fledgling service..

6th Thoroughbred – 96 tips, 24.8% ROI

Profit: £475.82 to £20 average stake

After featuring in tenth place in our monthly rankings for October, Thoroughbred has climbed up the charts to make the top six last month. With all selections released the night before racing, this tipster offers race winner and each-way tips depending on where in the market he spots the best value. His yield was nicely boosted when his only multiple bet of the month combined15/2 and 6/1 winners into a tasty 60/1 each-way double. Very nice for those followers who were on it..

5th Horseforacourse – 39 tips, 29.0% ROI

Profit: £226.05 to £20 average stake

Any tipster who can boast an overall ROI of 83% after six full months of service needs to be taken seriously. Another relative newcomer to the Tipstrr site, Horseforacourse has graduated from being runner-up in October’s Best New Tipster rankings to achieving a top-five finish in this month’s horse racing shortlist. That progress is hardly surprising after six consecutive months of double-digit % yields, with his 15% win rate at average odds nudging 7/1 doubling to 30% when each-way places are taken into account. Definitely, one to watch.

4th Longshooter – 53 tips, 29.5% ROI

Profit: £312.21 to £20 average stake

Another chart-climber after finishing ninth in these rankings last month, Longshooter remains one of Tipstrr’s most popular services after proving yet again that he is anything but a hit-and-hope long-shot merchant. November’s 29% ROI represents Longshooter’s 14th profitable month out of 15 since he launched his service in July of last year. Anyone who’s been on board throughout that period will now be sitting on a tasty £8,000 of clear profit, thanks to an overall 32% success rate that means virtually one in three of Longshooter’s each-way selections brings in a return.

3rd Shrewd Tips – 264 tips, 35.2% ROI

Profit: £1857.95 to £20 average stake

No stranger to our monthly rankings, Shrewd Tips makes a welcome return to the fold with the most successful so far of his twelve months on the platform, ten of which have produced a monthly gain. One of our more prolific tipsters, you’ll need to keep your betting discipline to manage Shrewd’s 50+ tips per week, especially as his betting model aims at producing race winner tips at each-way prices. That means some inevitable lean periods in between those big-priced winners, but his 18% win rate at average odds of around 8/1 have not let him or his members down so far.

2nd Top Rated Value – 82 tips, 37.4% ROI

Profit: £613.28 to £20 average stake

A rare monthly drawdown in September has not stopped the upward trend of Top Rated Value‘s profit line, with November providing his fifth profitable month out of six since racing rebooted in June. Utilising a similar strategy to Shrewd Tips (see above), Top Rated tries (very successfully, we might add) to exploit mid-market odds and convert their enhanced value into race winner bets. His practice of publishing just 2-3 tips per day, always the night before racing, has the combined effect of exploiting early market prices, respecting his members’ time as well as protecting their bankroll

1st 365 Tips – 217tips, 47.7% ROI

Profit: £2070.72 to £20 average stake

Anyone who’s been following the service of 365 Tips recently will not be surprised to see him at the top of these monthly rankings. The period since lockdown has seen this in-form tipster exceed a 12% ROI monthly yield for six straight months, culminating in November’s hefty 47% yield. His performance over the last weekend of the month was nothing short of spectacular – 25 selections landed no less than TEN winners, all priced between 14/1 and 8/1. Add a further six each-way places into the mix and anyone using £20 level stakes would have been over £1100 richer on Monday night than they were on Friday morning, And just to prove this was no flash in the pan, 365 Tips has begun December in identical form. The first day of the month saw his nine tips produce three winners, two at 9/1 and another at 12/1, not to mention a 16/1 each-way place, all adding up to a whopping £500 profit, in just one day!!  The phrase ‘strike while the iron is hot’ springs readily to mind!!

There can be no denying that another month has brought another bonanza of tasty profits for anyone who has been following one or more of our leading performers ; the top three of whom accrued over £4,400 between them to level £20 stakes. We should also give a shout-out to BoomBoom, who achieved a whopping 158% for the month, although his overall record was somewhat distorted by just a couple of big-priced high-stakes winners early in the month – nice if you were on them, though. An honorary mention of appreciation also goes to Russell Blair Racing, who bounced back to form with a 77% yield in November, but who sadly announced recently that he is planning to retire his service at the end of December.

So, well done again to 365 Tips for heading such a top-quality list of profitable high-achievers, but well done also to the many other successful tipsters who didn’t quite make this month’s cut, but remain a valued part of our ever-expanding Tipstrr community.

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