Tipstrr Best Horse Racing Tipsters 2019

2019 best horse racing tipster

The main goal at Tipstrr is to improve your profitability and knowledge as a sports bettor. That’s why it’s always been important to have good free options, and we’re pleased to say one of them has made the cut in this year’s tipster of the month.​

When setting about selecting the best horse racing tipsters from 2019 we stumbled upon a problem. With so many tips, big profits and ROI produced by way of varying styles, how do you say definitively who ranks above who? Well, you can’t.

We could have ranked it by ROI or profit, but consider this. A tipster who shares 2,000 tips and records a 5% ROI could be just as profitable as one who shares 500 tips and has a 20% ROI. Each tipster has their own unique style and worth that will suit some bettors more than others. And, so, we picked our top 10 ‘nominees’.

This list contains the first seven in no particular order and after that, we’ll be counting down the three tipsters in the bronze, silver and gold medal positions.

Racino – 887 tips, 13% ROI
Profit: £2,211 to £20 average stake

Racino is just a few short months away from being able to say that he has a fully verified three-year record on Tipstrr. It’s impressive dedication and professionalism and the quality of their performance is there for everyone to see. Given such an emphatic period of verification leading to the biggest existing profit on Tipstrr, we’d have no reservations about promoting this tipster. His 13% ROI for 2019 was pretty much in line with his all-time ROI of 11.30%. What makes the performance most impressive, though, is the volume of tips. More than 6,500 verified tips have been shared since day one with 887 of those coming in 2019. In fact, each year so far has seen a drop off in the volume of tips but ROI and levels of profit have been well maintained. That suggests Racino is aware of the need to constantly develop and improve a tipster service to stay ahead of the bookies.

Top Rated Value – 824 tips, 14% ROI
Profit: £2,364 to £20 average stake

The turn of 2020 marks the start of Top Rated Value’s 19th month on Tipstrr. It is no coincidence that so many services with a very long history are filling the tipster of the year rankings. These services continue to prove over time that they have cracked it. They understand what it takes to beat the bookmakers and their ability to adapt to an ever changing market has kept their users profitable. Top Rated Value has done just that, producing a 14% ROI from 824 tips in 2019 and an 18.80% ROI from his all-time performance. The end of 2019 presented some challenges, but it didn’t stop TRV from profiting in eight of 12 months. The service works at average odds of 9/1, yet manages to win around 20% of tips. Impressive. The focus has been pretty much exclusively on the race winner market and that is where all of the tipster’s profit has come from.

GW4TH – 1,075 tips, 10% ROI
Profit: £2,211 to £20 average stake

Completely free of charge, GW4TH provided followers with nine profitable months from 12. In total, he can boast a profit in excess of £2,200, an ROI of 10% and a respectable win rate. Interestingly, GW4TH has really utilised the option to have a staking plan. Rather than post all tips as level 10/10 tips as most tipsters do, GW4TH has used a varying staking plan and looks to have benefited from it. There is no specific mention of the staking plan or system on the tipster’s portfolio page, but that’s OK, as the Tipstrr platform makes it easy to follow and profit from all the same. GW4TH has advised race winners and each-way betting tips over the past 12 months but all of the profit has come from the race winners. It highlights the importance of finding value and also knowing when to bet each way or outright. GW4TH has got it right far more often than not and produced a handsome profit.

Regardless of where SVB places amongst the other tipster of the year nominees is irrelevant because he definitely takes the title of being the most unique service we have. Why? Despite people being understandably skeptical about a multisport service, you have to cut SVB some slack. Over the past two years, not only as he secured ranking after ranking as a horse racing tipster, but he has also broken into the football tipster of the year rankings yet again. He has even produced a 9% ROI on 340 tennis tips alongside other sports such as rugby cricket, and all of the combines to make him a threat in the other sports category! Imagine that. One tipster, working alone, ranking in all three categories. The SVB service has made a combined profit that’ll make your eyes water and over £4,000 of it came from horse racing tips placed in 2019. The service focuses exclusively on the race winner and managed to win one if four tips at average odds of 6/1.

Gerganaana – 1,387 tips, 18% ROI
Profit: £4,918 to £20 average stake

2019 was the first full year for Gerganaana on the Tipstrr platform. After joining in the second half of 2018, it took a little while for the tipster to find their feet, but their perseverance and professionalism has lead to a lot of profit. So far, it looks like their methods will stand the test of time. They now have a solid looking 18 months behind them and the second half of 2019, in particular, was superb. The last eight months of the year resulted in nothing but winning months, few extended losing runs and even in the case where users required some patience, big winners were just around the corner. Gerganaana has an eye for bigger numbers. 2019 saw nine winners around the 20/1 mark. Just one a month can have a massive impact on profit and loss. The service drew all it’s profit from the race winner market, winning nearly one in four tips, despite working at average odds of 6/1.

A good measure of a tipsters consistency is the image of their profit graph over time. Apart from a small spike and dip in April and May, due to Heli’s biggest month of the year followed by his only losing month, it’s been a steady upward trend. With 11 winning months from 12 in 2019, Heli has put together 15 winning months in 16 all-time. The long-term ROI of 22% was maintained in 2019 with a 20% ROI across those 12 months. Despite working at average odds of 10/1, Heli has won as good as one in six betting tips. The complete focus of the service has been on the race winner market. Whilst most of the profit has come from tips priced in the 5/1 to 11/1 range, Heli did produce 23 winning tips priced between 11/1 and 19/1 throughout the year. Interestingly, the tipster has been on fire at Lingfield, producing a 48% ROI in 2019 and bagging more than £500 profit.

Each Way Value Tips – 400 tips, 16% ROI
Profit: £1,248 to £20 average stake

Often considered the premier tipster choice on the platform, Each Way Value Tips has maintained a 31% ROI through 28 active months on the Tipstrr platform. That is indeed unrivaled. He produced nine winning months in 2019 which was in keeping with the nine winning months produced in 2018. It’s another measure of this tipsters fantastic consistency where profits continue to grow slowly but surely. The method of the service is to stick to each way tips, even if the price can sometimes seem a little bit on the shorter side, and one big plus to that is the way in which it has preserved the bankroll. Waits between winners are hardly long given a 20% outright win rate. That number improves to around 35% when you consider places, too, and they certainly help preserve the bank an at the right price boost it little by little whilst you wait for that next big winner.

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