Tipstrr : Best football tipsters of 2020

Football has seen a huge surge in both the quantity and the quality of services available on Tipstrr over the last twelve months.

Below you’ll find the best of the rest of a very prestigious leading group, all boasting healthy double-digit ROI’s sustained throughout a difficult twelve-month period.

To qualify for these rankings, tipsters must meet certain criteria including length of service, amount and regularity of tips, as well as sustained statistical success and achievable profits.

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Better Bettor – 395 tips, 10.6% ROI

Profit: £838.74 to £20 average stake

For most of 2020, Better Bettor was well in contention to be top of this list, and only a weaker run of results in the last couple of months saw him slip down the rankings. Indeed, from December 2019 until October last year, this tipster enjoyed nine straight profitable months, seven of them achieving double-digit yields, and including top-three finishes in our monthly Best Football Tipster awards for January (33%), July (29%) and September (42%). That’s great consistency considering Better Bettor explores a vast array of markets in leagues all across the world in his quest to dig out the best value.

Long Shot Tips – 556 tips, 11.3% ROI

Profit: £1255.80 to £20 average stake

The first full year of the service of Long Shot Tips has certainly caught the eye, thanks to a run of six out of seven months of growth since post-lockdown football resumed in the summer. Indeed, June, July, and August all saw a top-five finish in our monthly Best Tipster rankings, a level of consistency he replicated at the end of the year to finish sixth in December. As his name suggests, Long Shot Tips does not shy away from outsider bets, finding value exclusively in the 1X2 market, and while his 23% win rate might be less than some, his average advised odds of nearly 4/1 converted those successes into a decent 11% annual yield.

Undercover Punter – 320 tips, 13.0% ROI

Profit: £832.00 to £20 average stakes

A somewhat disappointing end to the year put a dent in any chance that Undercover Punter might have had in finishing higher in our annual rankings, However, that should not diminish an outstanding first half of the year that saw double-digit ROI’s across four straight months, peaking in June (40%) and July (25%). Specialising in 1X2 tips, but not afraid to explore other markets, Undercover Punter’s output might be a little sparse for some betting appetites, but there’s no doubting that he’s proven to be more than capable of sustaining achievable profits over time.

TheWrightEPLScores – 327 tips, 11.4% ROI

Profit: £744.40 to £20 average stake

If you’ve got the nerve for it, Correct Score betting can certainly add some excitement to your football, and it certainly helps to have a proven tipster like TheWrightEPLScores to guide you. He’s just completed a great first year on the Tipstrr site, with just one bad month in July putting a dent in what would have been a year of almost relentless profit. Since that setback, his model of providing Correct Score tips on every English Premier League game has produced four straight profitable months, good enough to appear in our Best Football Tipster rankings in September (4th), October (Winner) and November (9th) to finish with an overall 11.4% ROI for the entire year.

Bet Supply Inc – 801 tips, 11.4% ROI

Profit: £1826.62 to £20 average stake

Bet Supply Inc is another regular in our monthly rankings, featuring three times during 2020 and enjoying nine profitable months out of eleven to make 2020 a year of solid upwardly trending growth. He is another tipster who bases his betting model on the simplicity of the 1X2 market, where his 801 selections brought in 318 winners for a 40% win rate, more than enough to convert his average advised odds of 9/4 into a steady 11.4% yield over the course of 2020. He is one of our more prolific football tipsters, averaging around 25 selections a week over the last few months, but with most of those tips being published 12-24 hours ahead of kick-off, placing bets in time should never be an issue.

WeBET Football World – 930 tips, 11.6% ROI

Profit: £2160.30 to £20 average stake

WeBET Football World has just completed two full years since launching on Tipstrr, and is very much “Mr Consistency” among our growing community of football tipsters. The fact that in both of those years, he has featured among our annual Best Football Tipsters speaks volumes for the long-term quality of this service..Another tipster who focuses exclusively on the 1X2 betting market, WeBET uses his expertise and betting model to pick out the best value bets he can find in leagues from virtually every continent on the planet. Five appearances in our nine monthly Best Tipster countdowns during 2020 included topping the list as recently as November,  a late flourish that boosted his annual ROI to a very respectable 11.6%, thanks to a 36% win rate at average odds exceeding 9/4.

Top 3 Football Tipsters of 2020

Having already whet your appetite with some of 2020’s Best Football Tipsters, it’s now time to round off our annual countdown with the podium positions of first, second and third.

3rd Araya – 650 tips, 12.7% ROI

Profit: £1644.62 to £20 stake

Since launching on Tipstrr back in December, Araya has gradually consolidated his service to establish himself as one of the most consistent tipsters on the site. He kicked off 2020 by featuring in our monthly Best Football Tipster rankings for January, a feat he repeated in July, November and December, proving that his service remained solid all year long. Indeed, only two monthly drawdowns were scattered among ten monthly gains that topped 13% ROI six times. Anyone who bet level £20 stakes on Araya’s selections would have ended 2020 a cool £1600 better off than when it started, thanks to a 37% win rate at average odds of 3/1, which converted to a more than healthy 12.7% ROI. A regular output averaging 12-15 tips per week ensures minimal pressure on either time or betting funds, making Araya a shoo-in for anyone looking for a simple easily manageable service that explores all markets in leagues right across the world.

2nd Gold Digger – 1096 tips, 13.4% ROI

Profit: £2929.82 to £20 stake

If you’re looking for a football tipster with benefits, then the occasional exploration of other sports makes Gold Digger a rich, varied and ultimately profitable service. Football betting remains the bread-and-butter of his busy service, and indeed based on just football alone, his 500+ selections through 2020 enjoyed an even better ROI (15%), thanks to a 41% win rate at odds in excess of 2/1. About a quarter of his selections were spread across half a dozen other sports, and the fact that he also accrued double-digit yields in ice hockey, basketball, handball, and esports give the impression that Gold Digger is something of a jack-of-all-trades and master at them all. His tip volume tends to increase in peak season, so you’ll need to keep a tight rein on your betting discipline at such times, but his 2020 return of nearly £3,000 to level £20 stakes suggests that bankroll management was seldom an issue for anyone following his tips all year long. A year of living profitably!

1st GermanHighLimit – 375 tips, 19.4% ROI

Profit: £1455.44 to £20 stake

Top of our very high-quality field of successful tipsters, we’re happy to announce that the Best Football Tipster for 2020 is GermanHighLimit. As his name suggests, his service is built around his expertise in all tiers of German football, with particular emphasis on the top two flights of the Bundesliga. His profile page explains the intricacies of his betting model, selection methods and staking plan far better than we have room for here, and it is well worth a read. Suffice to say that the service of GermanHighLimit is built on quality rather than quantity, so you’ll know that his average of around one selection a day is based on thorough research and a calculated eye for identifying the best betting value. You’ll also receive the majority of your tips three or more days in advance, allowing you to take your time placing your bets to exploit those early market prices. Just two negative months since February interrupted a year of constant growth, with five of his eight profitable months exceeding 20% yield, peaking in May (59%), July (109%) and September (86%). Not surprisingly, this service featured regularly in our monthly Best Tipster rankings, and he ended the year with a flourish to finish in the top five in both November and December, taking his overall annual ROI just shy of 20%, equating to almost £1500 to level £20 stakes. Vorsprung durch Konsistenz!

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