Tipstrr : Best Football Tipsters Oct’20

October's best football tipsters

With Villa putting seven goals past Liverpool last month and Spurs winning 6-1 at Old Trafford, the football betting market was something of a minefield in October, but that hasn’t prevented some of our most popular football tipster services from producing yet another exceptional month of profitable growth.

We’ve listed the pick of the bunch into some kind of a monthly ranking for you, and with the returns of October’s top tipsters peaking at a tasty 25%, it’s little wonder so many of Tipstrr’s users are flocking to use their services.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer….

10th weBET Football World – 102 tips, 7.8% ROI

Profit: £158.42 to £20 average stake

We get the ball rolling with weBET Football World, who is no stranger to these monthly rankings, having topped the list on more than one occasion during his two full years on the site. The reason for that is plain to see when you look at his long-term record – 15 profitable months out of 20 since the beginning of 2019 and an overall ROI of 9.3% from over 1300 football tips. While he didn’t quite reach that level in October, his 7.8% yield nevertheless represents another solid month of upwardly trending growth.

9th Know The Score – 130 tips, 11.1% ROI

Profit: £66.14 to £20 average stake

While football betting purists might look down on the long-term value of Correct Score tipsters, the fact that two of them feature in our monthly listing offers some credence to their sustainability as a service. Know The Score knew the score of thirteen of his 130 selections in October – a low 10% win rate at first glance, but bearing in mind the lucrative prices available on getting a specific match score correct, then an 11% yield represents a tidy enough return, especially as it is his fifth profitable month in the last six.

8th Batibet – 238 tips, 12.8% ROI

Profit: £606.76 to £20 average stake

Batibet has been one of our most consistent performers since launching his service in February, quietly operating under the radar to produce steady consistent growth in nine of his ten months on the site. This tipster doesn’t limit himself to just football, which is arguably something of a shame, because in the football markets alone, October’s 12% ROI would have almost doubled to well over 20% yield. A perfect example of isolating a tipster’s specific strength to your advantage.

7th English Football Advisory – 49 tips, 13.4% ROI

Profit: £131.84 to £20 average stake

Some of you might.have come across English Football Advisory in his previous (and equally successful) guise as EFL Advisory. He has now expanded his umbrella of expertise to include the Premier League as well as the EFL, and the transition has been virtually seamless, with only one losing month since January. October was the first full month of the new season, and his 49 selections enjoyed a 44% win rate – not as high as some, perhaps, but when you factor in his bold betting model that finds value well above the even-money line, then it’s easy to see where that 13% yield came from.

6th Justin Bet – 112 tips, 14.8% ROI

Profit: £332.52 to £20 average stakes

Since joining the Tipstrr community in May, Justin Bet has quickly established a reputation for himself as busy bustling service that has found a happy combination of quantity and quality. Exploring football leagues and markets from all over the globe, his diligence and expertise has been rewarded with five monthly gains out of six on the platform, with October’s peak nudging a tasty 15% ROI.His preferred markets of Over/Under, Asian Handicap and BTTS have been particularly productive, offering a rich and varied diet of top quality tips.

5th ExpertTips – 55 tips, 15.0% ROI

Profit: £165.20 to £20 average stake

It has taken ExpertTips a while to live up to his name, but then there is usually more long-term value in a tipster who gradually improves his service than one who hits the ground running and then just fades away. As his confidence in his betting model has increased, so too have the quantity and quality of his selections, culminating in October’s 15% yield. An ability to combine odds-on bets into more lucrative doubles, trebles and fourfolds has been instrumental to ET’s success, and should appeal to anyone looking for an occasional good-value acca to liven up their betting.

4th Football Edge – 82 tips, 17.2% ROI

Profit: £281.97 to £20 average stake

Football Edge has certainly been gaining an edge over the bookies since he launched his service a year ago this month. Specialising in the goals markets (Over/Under, BTTS, etc), this tipster gone from strength to strength since football resumed post-lockdown, earning double-digit yields in July (62%) and August (20%), before earning his spot in these rankings with another solid 17% ROI in October. Now that’s consistency.

3rd Gold Digger – 271 tips, 20.6% ROI

Profit: £1115.42 to £20 average stake

Gold Digger has been one of Tipstrr’s success stories of 2020, developing from a slow but steady start to becoming one of our most consistent performers. October represents his third straight increase in monthly yields, a run that began impressively enough with 15.6% growth in August, climbed to 18.8% in September, before peaking at a tidy 20.6% in October, thanks to a 39% win rate from 271 tips at average advised odds exceeding 3.00. Occasional forays into basketball and ice hockey all go to make this an evolving varied service for new and established bettors alike.

2nd Asian Football Betting – 41 tips, 23.2% ROI

Profit: £190.45 to £20 average stake

The Asian Handicap market can provide rich pickings for someone who understands both the market and his sport, so there’s no prizes for guessing where the betting preferences and strengths of Asian Football Betting lie. This tipster has produced a constant stream of profits by exploiting the value to be found just above and below the even-money handicap line. What his service lacks in quantity of tips, it more than makes up for in quality, with a 57% win rate from 41 selections converting to a useful 23% monthly yield, making him a worth runner-up in this countdown.

1st TheWrightEPLScores – 34 tips, 25.0% ROI

Profit: £170 to £20 average stake

And so to our winner for October. Now, as we said earlier, correct score betting can be a cruel mistress and is not to everyone’s betting tastes, but in TheWrightEPLScores we might just have found the exception that proves the rule. Since changing from a free to a premium service a couple of months ago, Wrighty has hardly looked back, boasting a success rate of between 10% and 15% that is enough to produce substantial rewards in this fickle market.  While he didn’t tip Villa to beat Liverpool 7-2 (who on earth did?!), he did call the Reds to draw 2-2 with Everton and to beat West Ham United 2-1 last weekend, all combining with a couple of other winners to produce that winning 25% yield. After finishing fourth in last month’s rankings with an even tastier 35% ROI, October is Wrighty’s third straight profitable month, so if the volatile nature of Correct Score betting appeals to you, then you’re definitely in the “Wright” place with this tipster.

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