Tipstrr : Best football tipsters Feb’21

The football season is gathering pace, and so too are the services of many of our leading football tipsters, who are hitting form at just the right time.

We’ve put them together for you in February’s Best Football Tipster rankings, all listed for your convenience to allow you to make an informed decision as you try to find a service that fits your betting preferences.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial deals that are currently on offer….

10th Asian Football Betting – 43 tips, 11.3% ROI

Profit: £97.12 to £20 average stake

We kick off by welcoming Asian Football Betting back to the fold for the second successive month after he finished fifth in January’s rankings with a 19% ROI. He couldn’t quite match that in February, but nevertheless 11.3% means it’s been an encouraging start to 2021 for this handicap betting expert. Indeed, AFB has now enjoyed six straight profitable months for an overall 11% yield from over 300 tips during that period. Solid stuff.

9th Footballer Tips – 178 tips, 11.7% ROI

Profit: £416.37 to £20 average stake

Another regular in our monthly listings is Footballer Tips, who occupies ninth spot after finishing seventh in both December and January, perfectly illustrating the long-term viability of this popular service. Indeed, his expanding membership has ended each of his seven months on the site richer than they began it, with his monthly yields all ranging between 10% and 24% for an overall gain of 16.6% from over 2000 tips since August. That’s nearly £7,000 in profit to level £20 stakes.

8th WiLLyTfE – 152 tips, 19.0% ROI

Profit: £578.30 to £20 average stake

WiLLyTfE launched his service back in August, since when two minor drawdown months have only put a slight dent in an otherwise healthy profit line. His five profitable months have all yielded double-digit ROI’s, with February’s cool 19% gain earning him his first appearance in our football rankings. His prolific tip volume has reduced in recent months to a level that should be more than manageable with a patient disciplined betting approach.

7th Zenith – 209 tips, 19.5% ROI

Profit: £815.87 to £20 average stake

Although rarely reaching the monthly peaks to feature in these rankings, Zenith has enjoyed consistent profits in no less than 17 of his 18 months on Tipstrr, including all of the last 14 months. Those slow-but-steady gains have kept him under the radar, but a steady 7% gain over the last year, culminating in February’s more eye-catching 19% yield is worthy of attention. His busy output might not suit all betting tastes, but surely those relentless profits will!!

6th Alexis Soccerr – 108 tips, 20.5% ROI

Profit: £442.19 to £20 average stake

in contrast to Zenith, Alexis Soccerr‘s road to long-term profit has encountered a few peaks and troughs along the way, and February’s peak performance has earned a deserved spot in this top ten. Focusing almost exclusively on the 1X2 market, an ability to spot the value of potential winners at average odds exceeding 2/1 were rewarded with a 45% win rate, that converted nicely to that healthy 20.5% ROI.

5th JS – 42 tips, 22.4% ROI

Profit: £187.89 to £20 average stake

If ever there was a perfect illustration of quality beating quantity, then it is in the football tipster service of JS. From publishing an unrealistic amount of selections in his early months on the site, a reduction in output has coincided with an upturn in profits. His 42 tips in February enjoyed a mammoth 70% win rate to accrue that cool 22.4% yield, while his ability to combine heavy odds-on favourites into more lucrative doubles and trebles offer extra variation.

4th Elite Football Picks – 41 tips, 22.3% ROI

Profit: £182.61 to £20 average stakes

Another contrasting service sees Elite Football Picks celebrate a first full year on the Tipstrr platform by making the top four with its most successful month to date. Picking out odds-on favourites from the major league of Europe requires a better than 50/50 success rate just to break even, but EFP was up to the task last month, landing 28 out of 41 selections (11 losses, 2 pushes), and ending the month in style with no less than 14 consecutive winners.


3rd Alpha-Bet – 23 tips, 27.8% ROI

Profit: £128.03 to £20 average stake

After featuring in our Best New Tipster rankings just last month, Alpha-Bet has graduated quickly to make the medal rostrum in our overall football rankings. Never one to publish tips for the sake of it, Alpha-Bet is happy to bide his time before settling on the best value his betting strategy can identify. Just 23 selections in February, all in the 1X2 market, meant no pressure on time of betting funds – funds which were boosted nicely by that cool 27% yield.

2nd Correct Score Daily – 74 tips, 27.4% ROI

Profit: £406.17 to £20 average stake

In theory correct score betting has too much going against it to be consistently profitable. In practice, however, the service of Correct Score Daily continues to flourish, and the fact that he has maintained a 15% ROI over the last six months proves that February’s success was no flash in the pan. His nine correct score winners were backed up by occasional ventures into successful combination bets in the Over/Under market, adding a welcome extra dimension to keep the betting varied and the profits rolling in.

1st Gold Digger – 114 tips, 25.8% ROI

Profit: £587.13 to £20 average stake

Top of the pile of February’s best football tipsters is Gold Digger, who has featured in our lists for tipster in other sports before, but this month we’re recognising his success in football alone. Gold Digger also enjoyed profitable gains in handball, tennis, ice hockey and esports, all of which played a part in his overall monthly yield of 25.8%. However, taken in isolation, his football tips did even better – 36 selections across a wide range of leagues and markets produced 20 winners (14 losses, 2 pushes) for a tasty 55% win rate at average odds nudging 2/1. That converted to an impressive 33% yield and over £250 in winnings from football alone, which combined with his other sporting ventures to make close to £600 altogether. Nicely done on all fronts.

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