Review of Nov’20 Top Tipsters on Tipstrr

Thanks again to TipstrrCorrespondent for his latest rundown on Tipstrr’s best tipsters for November 2020.

Here’s my personal view and some observations on those top 10 lists.

Don’t have the time to read the detail? Here’s the bottom line:

  1. our Top 10 tipsters WannaWin BM and Longshooter have another great month.
  2. 365 Tips will be getting the full technical review treatment after this performance
  3.  weBET Football World and Henry the Navigator are worth further consideration
  4. being selective on Bet Supply Inc tips could get you 50% better ROI
  5. DO NOT SKIP the review of Horseforacourse in this post


10th BettrBet – 66 tips, 17.3% ROI

The first 3 months of BettrBet tipping produced meteoric profits – almost 2000 points. The following 10 months were basically a slow sad decline and lost 600 points. The last 3 months have been profitable to the tune of a very healthy 27% ROI. However, with a poor p-value, I suspect this will not be sustained.


9th WannaWin BM – 95 tips, 20.8% ROI

WannaWin BM was the winner of Tipstrr’s Best Horse Racing Tipster 2019 and continues to be a solid performer in my Top 10 List.


8th CD Systems Daily Bargain – 29 tips, 23.7% ROI

Coming off a run of 5 consecutive losing months CD Systems has had a reasonably profitable last 3 months with an ROI of 17% over that period. With 1 tip per day and a low Win Rate of 14% you should expect long losing runs lasting an estimated 44 days. Not my kind of tipster.


7th RockBonsai121  – 126 tips, 23.7% ROI

RockBonsai121 has produced an overall ROI of 6.6% during the 6 months of tipping with Tipstrr. This is a very low ROI figure for a horse racing tipster. Combined with a very poor p-value and fairly long losing runs this is not a tipster I would follow.


6th Thoroughbred – 96 tips, 24.8% ROI

Only 5 profitable months from 11 months of tipping and a low overall 8.8% ROI. The last 6-months ROI was even lower at 5%. But the extremely poor p-value of 30% indicates even this low ROI is likely just to be down to luck.


5th Horseforacourse – 39 tips, 29.0% ROI

You might be fooled by the performance graph of Horseforacourse on his stats page. An impressive first 3 months of very profitable tipping (an average of 385 points per month) followed by a 3-month plateau of going nowhere (an average of 30 points profit per month).

Or you might be very impressed by the headline figures above it of 30% Win Rate and an 83% ROI (yes 83%).

But Horseforacourse has produced 6 consecutive months from 6 months of tipping (Jun’20 – Nov’20).

That plateau I mentioned is only caused by the fact the first 3 months of profit were so very large that it makes the last 3 months look flat.

But the real eye-opener is when you look at the results of this tipster using level stakes.

Go to the Horseforacourse stats page and click the level stakes toggle box above the performance graph to see the dramatic change.

The advised staking is clearly hurting Horseforacourse.

With such potentially high profits from an average of only 2 tips a day you have to investigate Horseforacourse.


4th Longshooter – 53 tips, 29.5% ROI

Longshooter has been on my Top 10 list for many months. He is now one of Tipstrr’s most popular services and November’s 29% ROI represents his 14th profitable month out of 15 since his launch in July of last year.


3rd Shrewd Tips – 264 tips, 35.2% ROI

Shrewd Tips is consistently in my Top 20 and has now produced 10 profitable months from 12.  He has delivered profit over every 3-month period since he began his service – ranging from 9.31% to 21.44%.

It would be a shrewd move to subscribe for 3-months (20% off monthly cost) and follow these Shrewd Tips.


2nd Top Rated Value – 82 tips, 37.4% ROI

Top Rated Value has been tipping on Tipstrr for 2 years now.

He had a disastrous six months Oct’19 to Mar’20 – six losing months from 6. But he made a recovery and the 12-, 6- and most recent 3-months ROI figures read as 9%, 25% and 4%.

The Estimated Longest Losing Run is 40 so you need to be prepared for possible large drawdowns.


1st 365 Tips – 217tips, 47.7% ROI

365 Tips has been on my radar for a number of months now.

He has been tipping for 12 months and from the stats its apparent there have been two distinctly different 6-month periods.

The early 6-months (Oct’19 – Mar’20) was a period of 4 tips per day with average odds of 10 (9/1). There were 4 profitable months and 2 losing months producing 10% ROI.

In contrast, the later 6-month period (Jun – Nov’20) was a period of 8 tips per day with average odds of 8 (7/1). There were 6 profitable months from 6 producing a 24% ROI.

Horse racing during April and May’20 was lost due to COVID-19 restrictions. Perhaps this gave 365 Tips the time and opportunity to refine his approach which appears to be delivering substantial dividends.

The overall 12-month p-value is under 0.1% which indicates this performance is most likely due to skill and expertise and not luck. The p-value based on the last 6 months is even better and further supports this.

The ELLR is 24 so you should plan your betting bank around that but all the indicators based on the last 6 months suggest 365 Tips could be a long-term prospect for substantial profits.

A full technical analysis is currently underway.



10th Mr Tipper Gold – 66 tips, 20.5% ROI

Mr Tipper Gold headline figures read ROI: 22.2%   Avg.Odds 2.35   Avg.Weekly Tips 15  Win Rate: 56% (correct ar 04 Dec’20)

Looks impressive.

However, the stats page all-time data tells a very different story.

Both confirm an all-time loss of -134.99 points.

Clearly, these are inconsistent and I will be following this up with Tipstrr to find out what’s going on.


9th TheWightEPLScores – 36 tips, 15.6% ROI

To date, there has been a total of 428 tips from TheWightEPLScores. All but 2 have been on the correct-score market. The Win Rate has been 13% on Average Odds of 10.56.

Following this tipster will definitely have its ups and downs.


8th Bet Supply Inc – 83 tips, 17.9% ROI

There have been been a total of 956 tips mostly in the 1X2 market from Bet Supply Inc. A 39% WIn Rate on odds averaging 3.25 producing an all-time ROI of 11.8%

But there may be a way to improve this ROI to around 16%.

A quick look at the key stats on the odds of tips shows an opportunity.

Take out the hot favourites of under odds of 1.70 and take out the outsiders of odds of 4.00 and over and you’re left with eighty percent (80%) of all tips delivering 95% of all the profit and a far better ROI of over 16%.


7th Araya – 59 tips, 18.2% ROI

Tipster Araya has been performing reasonably well for 2 years now on Tipstrr.

Overall figures are ROI: 6%  Avg.Odds: 2.97  Avg.Weekly Tips: 14  WIn Rate: 35%

The ROI has however been declining over the past recent periods. Going from a 12-month 10.3%  through a 6-month 7.4%  to the most recent 3-month ROI: -2.9%

I wouldn’t be putting any money into following this tipster right now.


6th Henry the Navigator – 103 tips, 19.7% ROI

Overall figures for Henry the Navigator are ROI: 6.7%  Avg.Odds: 1.97  Avg.Weekly Tips: 14  WIn Rate: 54%.

ROI has been maintained better than the overall ROI over the recent periods.

12-month ROI: 6.7%  last 6-month ROI: 11.1%  most recent 3-month ROI: 10.6%.

Henry the Navigator is worth further consideration.


5th GermanHighLimit – 41 tips, 20.5% ROI

GermanHighLimit has had 20 profitable months and 16 losing months in the 3 years of tipping at Tipstrr.

Only 6 of the past In the past 12 months have been profitable.

However, ROI shows a remarkable improvement recently.

ROI over the 12-month has been 7%, over the last 6-months 29% and over the most recent 3-month has been 29%.

My personal opinion is there are too many swings and roundabouts to consider GermanHighLimit as a long-term investment.


4th Banker Picks – 49 tips, 21.3% ROI

Overall Banker Picks is producing a fairly low 5.9% ROI.

Three losing months and three winning months from the six months Banker Picks has been running.

Good profits in November and September have been offset by the loses in the other months.

And as I write this December hasn’t started off great either at -23 points down.

With only 278 tips under his belt, there’s no indication this tipster is going anywhere.


3rd Football Sato – 43 tips, 39.9% ROI

Football Sato Overall ROI: 12.3%  Avg.Odds: 4.20  Avg.Weekly Tips: 9  Win Rate: 37%

7 profitable months from 13 months tipping on Tipstrr.

ROI has been declining over recent periods. 12-mth: 12.3% through 6-mth:10.9% to most recent 3-mth: 7.8%.

All tips are advised at 1 pt so it’s important to note that profits and losses in the stats page are relatively small numbers.

And you can see from the performance graph those profits and losses show a typical roller-coaster ride.

I won’t be following this tipster.


2nd Penal07 – 41 tips, 72.8% ROI

Penal07 made it into the top spot for Tipstrr’s October best tipsters which prompted my assessment in the post Beyond the Sales Hype
I see nothing to change my mind on this one.

I still don’t see any consistency to the tipping approach here and for that reason I would not follow Penal07.


1st weBET Football World – 143 tips, 38.6% ROI

The last 3 months for weBET Football World have been pretty spectacular.

ROI has been rising over the 12-, 6- and most 3-month periods from 16.2%, through 17.5% to the most recent 3 months ROI of 28.9%.

Perhaps this is just a flash-in-the-pan. Could be he’s just found a great way to make great profit.

Either way, he’s worth investigating further. Find out more about weBET Football World




I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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