Lemonado : A sparkling start for a football tipping service

A sparkling start to a football tipping service – all the right ingredients of a winning recipe – high ROI low risk and great value for money.

I spotted Lemonado a couple of weeks back and was impressed by his early results.

I’ll wait until June’21 is completed before doing a full technical report but here are my thoughts so far.

He describes his service as “I have been doing soccer betting for 9 years at a professional level. I am ready to provide the highest quality of my rates, rates are my job. I only give confident advice to ensure the highest ROI. I work every month and close it with a plus. If you are ready to increase your bank, then let’s do it!

Its early days but so far he has kept to his promise – each month has closed with a plus.

Headline Performance Figures (snapshot at 23 May 2021)

Service Months 5
ROI 15.5%
Avg.Odds 2.37
Avg.Daily Tips 7
Win Rate 49%
Profit 1461


  • Almost 5 months completed now and 945 tips – all football – mostly with Betfair and 888 at odds 1.7 to 3.99
  • Ninety-five percent (95%) of all tips have been in the Over/Under and Asian Handicap markets (split 65% O/U and 30% AH)
  • Staking is flat 10 points per tip
  • Win Rates for O/U and AH markets are roughly equal but the ROI for AH tips is better
  • Most tips will be emailed during waking hours (UK time) – 80% are published between 4am and 4pm
  • Win Rate is currently sitting at 49% which gives an ELLR of 11 so with an average of 7 tips a day it would be best to adjust your stakes on a daily basis
  • Very low P-value indicating a high probability of skill/expertise rather than chance or luck getting this level of ROI
  • Month-on-month consistency appears good: Win Rate ranges 45% to 52%; ROI ranges 12.5% to 18.1%
  • Value-for-money is good: at £19/month subscription the cost of 1% of ROI is an inexpensive £1.25

You can find out more about Lemonado here:

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