Finding 4 high-performing consistent football tipsters

In search of consistent football tipsters, I went to Tipstrr’s FIND A PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL TIPSTER page.

I was looking for high-performing consistent football tipsters who regularly appeared in the Top ROI Best Tipsters list over the past 3-months and 6-months and 12-month periods.

I then whittled them down to four of the best.

Most Consistent Tipsters Covering Football

The following football tipsters:

  1. appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 3 months Aug-Sep-Oct’21
  2. AND appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 6 months Jun – Oct’21
  3. AND ALSO appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 12 months Nov’20 – Oct’21
Tipster 3Mth
GermanHighLimit 75% 53% 30% 14% 46
BoomBoom 7% 9% 8% 8% 31
Footballer Tips 13% 17% 14% 14% 15
Lemonado 13% 12% 13% 13% 10
J Betting 9% 11% 12% 12% 11
SVB Tips 21% 17% 5% 9% 34
Zenith 12% 9% 10% 10% 26
Mr.Draw 15% 22% 10% 9% 35
SoccerSoda – Soccer only 9% 9% 8% 7% 40
INVESFUTElines 9% 11% 8% 6% 10
BillgkrTips 10% 13% 4% 2% 57

Some tipsters hadn’t completed a full 12 months of tipping but Tipstrr’s algorithm listed them for the 12-month ROI anyhow.

GermanHighLimit‘s very impressive ROI figures look very enticing. SVB Tips looks to be improving over time. Mr.Draw warrants further investigation.

Most Consistent Football Tipsters

Since I was looking specifically for the best consistent football tipsters I dug a little deeper and found several of the tipsters were multi-sport to some degree or other.

Tipster % Football tips Predominant Markets
GermanHighLimit 100% Over/Under, 1X2, Asian Handicap
BoomBoom 11% Horse racing, race winner
Footballer Tips 100% BTTS, Over/Under
Lemonado 100% Over/Under, Asian Handicap
J Betting 100% 1X2, DNB, Over/Under
SVB Tips 50% 1X2, Over/under, BTTS
Zenith 97% Over/Under, Asian Handicap, Double Chance
Mr Draw 100% 1X2, Asian Handicap, Over/Under
SoccerSoda – Soccer only 85% 1X2, Accumulators, Over/Under
INVESFUTElines 65% Asian Handicap, Over/Under
BillgkrTips 28% Over/Under, Asian Handicap, BTTS

On this basis, I discounted BoomBoom, SVB Tips, SoccerSoda, Invesfuteline, and Billgkrtips from the list as they weren’t sufficiently football focussed.

Six Most Consistent Football Tipsters

This left me with 6 tipsters and in the table below you can see how many profitable months they’ve had since they started their tipping.

For example, Footballer Tips is yet to have a losing month while MrDraw has had almost as many losing months as profitable ones.

In these terms then the most consistent tipsters would be Footballer Tips, Lemonado, and Zenith.

Tipster 3Mth
%Profit Mths
GermanHighLimit 75% 53% 30% 14% 46 59%
Footballer Tips 13% 17% 14% 14% 15 100%
Lemonado 13% 12% 13% 13% 10 90%
J Betting 9% 11% 12% 12% 11 73%
Zenith 12% 9% 10% 10% 26 92%
Mr.Draw 15% 22% 10% 9% 35 57%

Top Football Tipster

Looking deeper at the fundamentals of each of these tipsters provides another indication of their consistency.

J Betting has published the fewest tips and at 354 it’s below my 500 minimum threshold for doing a solid technical assessment so I’m taking his numbers with a pinch of salt.

The Win Rates range fairly closely from 38% to 47% and the Estimated Longest Losing Run figures are clustered around 13 – so they’re all much of a muchness.

P-values, are calculated from numbers of tips, average odds, and Win Rates and indicate whether the ROI being produced could just as easily be due to luck.

You can see that J Betting and MrDraw stick out as having the highest and therefore worst p-values. At 0.05 or 5% it suggests there is some, but not very strong, evidence that the ROI being produced is due to a skill or expertise. Maybe enough to drop them from further consideration.

Tipster Tips Avg. Odds Tips/Day Win Rate ELLR P-value* Price
GermanHighLimit 960 4.37 1 42% 13 0.000 From £75
Footballer Tips 3681 2.63 8 45% 14 0.000 From £20
Lemonado 1587 2.36 5 47% 12 0.000 From £19
J Betting 354 2.94 1 40% 12 0.052 Try for just £7
Zenith 8638 2.42 11 47% 15 0.000 From £19
Mr.Draw 770 2.99 1 38% 14 0.050 Try for just £7

* P-value is approximated where level-stakes are not used

Football Super Tipsters

Comparing the tipsters’ performance over the past months in terms of bank growth and monthly profit/losses gives us a visual indication of consistency.

Its clear MrDraw is the least consistent performer – the monthly ups and downs show performance is a bit of a roller-coaster ride.

Note: These graphs were produced on 7Nov’21 with real-time data and include the results of only the first week of November and not the full month. As such the final data points on the graphs are not an accurate reflection of performance for November.

Football Tipster Best Value for Money

ROI is a critical figure when it comes to choosing a tipster – the higher the ROI the better. But that ROI comes at a cost in the form of the tipster’s subscription fee.

Knowing the cost of 1% of ROI with each tipster allows you to compare them directly for value-for-money.

GermanHighLimit monthly subscription costs £149 and it is producing an all-time 29.7% ROI. Each 1% of ROI, therefore, costs a relatively expensive £5.02 (£149/29.7)

Lemonado at £1.48 per 1% ROI represents the best value while GermanHighLimit at £5.02 per 1% ROI is the worst.

Tipster Monthly Subs All-time ROI Cost per 1%ROI
GermanHighLimit £149 29.7% £5.02
Footballer Tips £39 13.9% £2.81
Lemonado £19 12.8% £1.48
J Betting £39 12.4% £3.15
Zenith £19 9.5% £2.00
Mr.Draw £19 9.1% £2.09



From the performance graphs alone you can see the type of experience subscribers have had following these tipsters over the past months.

Although Mr.Draw has appeared in the football top-30 Tipstrr list over 3-, 6-, and 12-months timescales he has given his followers something of a roller-coaster ride and nearly half of his months have been losing months. His p-value is not the best either. I wouldn’t put him on my shortlist.

J Betting on the other hand has had a performance plateau over the 5 months from May’21 to Oct’21 and so has not delivered much profit for subscribers during this time. And again the p-value is poor. Not worth following just now.

The rest look pretty solid.


For consistency, Footballer Tips looks to be the best of the bunch, following the trend line very closely and has had an incredible 15 from 15 profitable months. And Zenith is not too far behind.

GermanHighLimit is reasonably consistent as well but the high subscription cost of £149 /month may deter a lot of potential subscribers. But I now believe this is just perception and is unfounded – the Betting Bank required and level of staking is not that different from the other tipsters on this list.

Value-for-Money best pick is Lemonado – the 12.8% ROI is very good for a football tipster and at only £19/month it’s on the lowest Tipstrr subscription band – not counting free that is.

Of course, it almost goes without saying that “Past performance is not indicative of future results” but you should find out more about these tipsters by clicking the links in the article.



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