Compare All 16 Bettinggods Tipsters using performance graphs

Bettinggods hiding important information from users

Sometime late August / early September 2020 Bettinggods’ website stopped showing the performance graphs of their tipsters.

Now it is not so easy to see how well each tipster is performing month by month.

And in the middle of January’21 they removed the “Compare Our Tipsters” page (

Now it is more difficult to directly compare even the basic stats of tipsters’ Strike Rates and ROIs side-by-side.

This hides a great deal of information from anyone coming to the site looking for the assistance of a tipster.

For example, The Bookie Basher has a pretty good 13% ROI but the graph shows he made all that profit in July this year during the proofing period and next to nothing since then. And it is a similar story for Cricket Betting Tipster.

Yes, you can still click a link on the Bettinggods site to see all the tips and results for every tipster but how do you make sense of all that data? It’s overwhelming.

I’ve put together the performance graphs for the Bettinggods tipsters. They show the monthly profit and loss (blue columns) and bank growth (red line) since each tipster started ( click the graph for a larger image ).

The graphs are real-time and may take a while to download for you so please be patient.

All 16 Betting Gods Tipsters performance graphs

Tipster Name
Avg Mthly
Win Rate

QF Value Tips
£5,673.80 £93.01 24.71% 18.70% VISIT TIPSTER

RF Racing Tips
£2,770.10 £145.80 34.17% 17.14% VISIT TIPSTER

The Basketball Geek
£3,172.86 £226.64 51.38% 16.73% VISIT TIPSTER

Quentin Franks Racing
£15,355.40 £199.42 22.85% 16.67% VISIT TIPSTER

The Outside Edge
£2,795.20 £254.11 29.22% 14.19% VISIT TIPSTER

The Bookie Basher
£545.40 £77.93 21.47% 13.77% VISIT TIPSTER

Cricket Betting Tipster
£1,740.05 £51.23 46.79% 12.97% VISIT TIPSTER

Vision Racing
£2,250.40 £90.02 16.92% 12.90% VISIT TIPSTER

NHL Betting Master
£2,869.20 £114.77 47.82% 12.78% VISIT TIPSTER

The Bookies Enemy
£4,711.68 £117.79 18.72% 11.80% VISIT TIPSTER

Master Football Tipster
£485.10 £60.64 55.10% 10.17% VISIT TIPSTER

Premier Greyhound Tips
£6,854.25 £93.89 27.14% 10.00% VISIT TIPSTER

US Racing Expert
£1,735.88 £91.37 20.00% 9.08% VISIT TIPSTER

Tee And Serve Tips
£3,714.00 £176.86 31.19% 6.10% VISIT TIPSTER

eSports Betting Guru
£313.25 £44.76 59.62% 5.14% VISIT TIPSTER

Top Football Tipster
£1,058.55 £37.85 66.97% 1.71% VISIT TIPSTER
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