Bettinggods Tipsters – the latest KPIs and the best tipsters

The Basketball Geek recently made it onto the Top Tipsters List but how do the other Bettinggods tipsters compare?

Here’s an overview of some of the key performance indicators for the best of the current Bettinggods line-up.

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How to read the table

Bigger is Better : The figures where bigger-is-better are Num Tips and the ROIs.
Num Tips: Number of tips published by the tipster  ROI: Overall ROI produced  ROI 6mth: ROI during previous 6 months  ROI 3mth: ROI produced during previous 3 months

Smaller is Better: The figures where smaller-is-better is everything else.
ELLR: Estimated Longest Losing Run  p-value: probability this ROI is due to chance  VfM: Subscription cost per one percent of ROI being produced  Betting Bank: Risk-neutral initial betting bank required  Risk/Reward: Risk to reward ratio – low risk and high reward is best

Quentin Franks Racing

By far the greatest number of tips Quentin has been on Bettinggods for 6 years now. There was a flat 12 month period from Apr’17 to Mar’18  that produced practically zero profit but apart from that ROI has been generally good. The latest 6- and 3-months periods however do show a decline in ROI but this is likely to be temporary.

P-value remains excellent and the required Betting Bank is relatively small.

Worth following but be prepared to commit long-term to make the profits.

Vision Racing

The last three months, May-Jul’20 has been outstanding for ROI but with a p-value of 10% does that mean this is just a lucky patch?

The Basketball Geek

With a low ELLR figure its never going to be too long before you get a winner with The Basketball Geek. An excellent p-value suggests there’s nothing lucky about this tipster and the low Risk/Reward and even lower Betting Bank puts him in my Top Tipster List.

QF Value Tips

It doesn’t take much of a Betting Bank to follow QF Value tips but with ROI in freefall now maybe isn’t the time. That high Risk/Reward figure sticks out like a sore thumb.

NHL Betting Master

Another tipster with a nice low ELLR but again ROI has been falling recently. There’s less than 1 tip per day on average so it would need high stakes to try to make any kind of a reasonable profit with NHL Betting Master.

RF Racing Tips

The p-value isn’t where I’d like it to be under 1% but the ROI over different time spans does show consistency. The ELLR is relatively low for a horse racing tipster and with a good balance of risk and reward it could make RF Racing Tips the right choice for you.

The Outside Edge

Three tipsters were recently dropped by Bettinggods. The Outside Edge has come in as a replacement but has such a high p-value that makes it impossible for me to seriously consider at this point. There’s a 1-in-7 chance the ROI could just be due to pure chance. You can read a more in-depth look at The Outside Edge. It will be interesting though to track where this goes.

Tee And Serve Tips

The last 3 months have been a real purple-patch for Tee and Serve Tips. You’ll need a fairly large Betting Bank though to withstand the ELLR of 19. The high-ish p-value and the border-line Risk/Reward value may throw some doubts on the long-term prospects.

The Horse Conquerer

ROI looks to have fallen off a cliff for The Horse Conquerer over the last few months. There are a couple of ways to look at this if you check out this tipster’s performance graph. Either he’s going to make a recovery and the next couple of months will be great. Or it’s not going to be worth following his tips. My personal view is he’ll make a recovery.

Premier Greyhound Tips

Premier Greyhound Tips is a service that’s been around for 6 years since 2014. The performance graph will show this is a tipster who must be followed long-term. There are many peaks and troughs but the variance from the solid upward straight line is small. He’s underperforming at the moment but I believe that will soon turn round.



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