Bettinggods launch new 21% ROI football tipster

Bettinggods just launched a new football tipster called Master Football Tipster on 17 Sep’20.

We’ve just gone live with Master Football Tipster – a tipster who has been proofing his tips to us since May. In that time, he’s averaged close to 13pts profit per month on the football with ZERO losing month and an impressive 62% win rate.

Master Football Tipster has been proofing tips to Bettinggods since 8th May almost 5 months ago which is good but doesn’t quite match their proud boast of “Every Tipster on the Betting Gods Network Undergoes 6 Months of Vetting“.

But I can understand why they’ve jumped the gun on this one.

New Blood

They badly need new blood in their football department since dropping Football Acca Tipster in July after 8 consecutive months of losses and their last remaining football tipster, Top Football Tipster, is currently hanging on with an uninspiring all-time 2% ROI and losing 500 points since the beginning of the year.

I suspect they’re putting Master Football Tipster in place a little early so they can drop Top Football Tipster in the next couple of weeks.

There have only been 191 tips so far so it’s much too soon for an in-depth analysis of this new tipster. But let’s have a quick look at the performance so far.

Overview of the tips service

Looks like you’ll be getting 1 or 2 tips a day and the advised stakes range from 1 to 3 points.

Most of the tips (95%) have been in the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) or Over/Under Goals markets. There have been a few Double Chance tips and even 1 on Over 9.5 corners.

Breakdown by Advised Stake

Here’s how the tips breakdown by advised stake.

Note: 1 of the 191 tips was a void bet. The match between Sagadam and Nebitci in the Turkmenistan Yokary Liga1 on the 18th May was abandoned.

Advised Stake No. of Tips Win Rate Profit
1 82 61% 22.69
2 96 64% 44.02
3 12 58% 2.16
190 68.87

Stakes range from 1 to 3 points and as you can see from the breakdown above the best WIn Rate and most of the profit is coming from the 2-point tips. But its a good picture overall.

If these tips had been bet at level-stakes the ROI would be almost 24% instead of the 22.2% achieved with the advised stakes. So it is difficult to see where the advised stakes are adding any value.

The Estimated Longest Losing Run (ELLR) figure based on the 62% Win Rate is 6 so you can expect short losing runs. But it’s interesting to note that Master Football Tipster has already had an actual losing run of 7 during the period 21st to 27th June.

The subscription cost will be £29 starting in October’20 but you can get it cheaper right now. To celebrate this launch, Bettinggods are offering an introductory price of £17 per month.

But if you’re quick you can get the next 15 days for only 50p

Get 15 days tips for ONLY 50p


You’ll need a very small betting bank of 30 points to start following Master Football Tipster based on his performance so far and the Risk/Reward ratio is a very good 0.53.

Breakdown by Month

Month Tips Win Rate Profit ROI Avg.Odds LvlStkROI
Sep 29 72.41% 19.09 39.77% 1.92 40.17%
Aug 33 63.64% 9.59 17.13% 1.86 17.48%
Jul 45 62.22% 15.29 20.95% 1.97 20.24%
Jun 49 57.14% 5.95 7.63% 2.00 14.82%
May 35 58.82% 18.95 34.45% 2.29 33.23%



With so few tips to go on its much too early to assess this tipster with any degree of confidence.

And at the current rate of 1-2 tips per day, it will be May next year before he hits the 500 tips mark that I prefer to base an analysis on.

However, if he continues with more profitable months I could relax that 500-tip minimum threshold and reassess him in November this year.

It will also be interesting to see if he gets hit with the Bettinggods launch curse in October – I’ve seen so many times with Bettinggods tipsters the month following their official launch they take a nosedive and profits turn to losses. But I hope not to see that.

Bettinggods have always struggled to find a long-term successful football tipster. Quentin Franks Racing has done it for them in racing but football has always presented a problem for them.

Even so, I’ll be keeping an eye on Master Football Tipster over the next couple of months.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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