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Better Bettor has been betting better than ever just recently, and judging by his growing number of members, he’s taking a lot of happy people on his path to success.

This popular football tipster is about to complete his 11th consecutive profitable month, with September well on course to becoming his most successful month since he first launched his service on Tipstrr over two years ago in August 2018.

At average advised odds of 1.91, his phenomenal 76% win rate so far in September is well in excess of the break-even level, resulting in a 42% ROI that brought in nearly £300 clear profit to anyone betting level £20 stakes on his 34 carefully selected tips.

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Let’s face it, though, Better Bettor is no stranger to profitable months. He hit the ground running by earning double-digit profits in each of his first six months with
Tipstrr, and a quick glance at the stats below will illustrate just how well his service has stood up over time

  • 20 profitable months out of 25 since launching on Tipstrr
  • An overall win rate of 52% at average advised odds of 2.09
  • Overall 9.9% ROI from over 1600 tips
  • Over £3,200 profit to level £20 stakes
  • 9 straight monthly gains since December, with five of them at
    30%+ ROI

Better Bettor‘s
overall all-time profit of 9.9% ROI represents considerable growth in the football betting market, particularly over such a prolonged period of time, and such sustained success can only be achieved through consistent results and a sound betting model. 

It would be reckless of us ever to
pretend any tipster can guarantee you limitless profits, of course, but what we can assure you is that with Better Bettor, you will find a proven professional tipster who will treat your betting funds like his own and give you an excellent run for your money.

Try 14 days of Better Betting for just £5

Try 14 days of Better Betting for just £5

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