Best of the best 2020 football tipsters on Tipstrr

TipstrrCorrespondent provided Tipstrr’s view of their best tipsters of 2020 earlier this month.

Here’s that list in table form.

One of my tipsters Better Bettor just squeezed into the top 9. But it was GermanHighLimit who took the honours.

Rank Tipster Tips ROI
1 GermanHighLimit 375 19.4%
2 Gold Digger 1096 13.4%
3 Araya  650 12.7%
4 WeBET Football World 930 11.6%
5 Bet Supply Inc  801 11.4%
6 TheWrightEPLScores  327 11.4%
7 Undercover Punter 320 13.0%
8 Long Shot Tips 556 11.3%
9 Better Bettor  395 10.6%

GermanHighLimit has 375 tips with an average stake of 5.6 units meaning you would have staked 2,113 units( or points ) producing 410 units of profit.

Gold Digger had three times as many tips, 1096. His average stake was 10 points. You would have staked 10,960 points in bets and produced 1468 units of profit.

Gold Digger has a lower ROI but produces 3 times as much profit as GermanHighLimit.

Which one is better? If you had to choose one which one would it be? Or does it matter?

I wanted to see how they compared if you had bet at 1 point per bet on all selections of each tipster – essentially level-stakes.

And did they perform equally well over 6 months and 12 months?

1. I’m not able to access Tipstrr’s underlying database but what follows is a reasonable approximation
2. To keep the graphs readable I split the nine tipsters into a top 4 and a bottom 5

Bottom 5 Tipsters over 12 months

In positions 5 to 9 were Bet Supply Inc, TheWrightEPLScores, Undercover Punter, Long Shot Tips and Better Bettor.

Here’s how their performance compared over the last 12 months using 1 unit bets for every selection.

Bet-supply is the clear winner in this group of 5 with TheWrightEPLScores the poorest performer.

The other three Undercover Punter, Long Shot Tips and Better Bettor are much of a muchness in how they ended the 12months even if they took different paths to get there.

Bottom 5 Tipsters over 6 months

Over the more recent 6 months. Bet Supply Inc, TheWrightEPLScores, were the clear winners.

The conclusion here is that in this group  Bet Supply Inc is most consistent.


Top 4 Tipsters over 12 months

The top 4 of the top 9 tipsters were GermanHighLimit, Gold Digger, 3rd Araya, WeBET Football World.

Over the 12 months, Gold Digger and WeBET Football World performed best of this group with GermanHighLimit and Araya a little behind.

Top 4 Tipsters over 6 months

Over the most recent 6 months, the order of best performing remained the same with Gold Digger and WeBET Football World maintaining their dominance.


Gold Digger produced almost 400 points of profit. WeBET Football World 300 points and Bet Supply Inc around 240 points.

In terms of direct comparison, these are the top 3 performers in this list.

Following these three tipsters as a portfolio over the year would have netted almost 900 points betting at 1 point stakes on all tips.

This is shown by the green line of the graph below.


At £10 per bet that would have been almost £9000 profit if you simply stuck with betting a fixed £10 on every bet.

If however, you adjusted your £ per point value based on your available betting bank at the start of each month that profit would have been much more.

Theoretically starting with a £100 bank and fixing the stake for each tip for each consecutive month at 1% of the available bank your £100 would have grown to over £22,000.

That is of course theoretically. With such an increase in your betting bank, the bet stakes would have risen from £1 per bet to around £130 per bet in the final month.

Now, if only someone could tell you what the top 3 tipsters for the next year were going to be.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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