Best Horse Racing Tipsters 2022 – half-yearly report

Tipstrr introduced half-yearly rankings to give us a more rounded look at the longer-term capabilities of their top-performing tipsters, as opposed to their monthly lists which offer a short-term snapshot of decent recent form.

This is all great information to help you make an informed decision on a particular tipster.

But, I think we can do better – find out how below.

Firstly though here’s a brief summary of Tipstrr’s half-year July report for football tipsters.

Just click on the links for more information about each tipster, and for details of any trial offers that are currently available.

10th Won By a Head – 395 tips, 30.2% ROI “…his high-odds strategy boasting an overall 30% yield despite a couple of monthly downturns along the way. A healthy but manageable output of 15-25 race-winner selections per week…”

9th On Target Tips – 1067 tips, 34.1% ROI ” … value has earned his growing membership a whopping £7K in profit to level £20 stakes in the first half of the year, and indeed close to £12K since last October”

8th ChampionsTips1 – 543 tips, 34.9% ROI“… high-odds each-way betting model that has earned them over £3.5K in profit since the turn of the year”

7th ProfitablePicks – 453 tips, 43.2% ROI “… a diverse mix of race-winner and each-way selections … Six straight profitable months have earned an overall 43% ROI from 453 tips, but it is significant that of those selections, his 141 each way tips brought the bulk of that success…”

6th SmallField Punting – 467 tips, 47.1% ROI “… a unique approach … refreshing … aims solely at races featuring seven or fewer runners … has been particularly lucrative recently…”

5th OutsiderSpeedPicks – 699 tips, 54.0% ROI “… predominantly race winner tips at ostensibly each-way prices (average advised odds are 16/1+), with 68 winners backed up by 29 eachway places to earn that mammoth £7.5K so far in 2022”

4th Underdog Racing Tips – 799 tips, 54.7% ROI “… one of the most popular services within the Tipstrr community …  more than 1 in 5 of his selections have been producing a substantial profit throughout the first half of 2022”

3rd Quasi”s Hunches – 230 tips, 69.9% ROI “… an output of 8-10 selections per week is easy to follow … while Quasi’s eye for outsider value is what lies behind that 69% yield and over £3K in profit this year”

2nd On The Money Tips – 457 tips, 76.4% ROI ” … manageable race-winner betting strategy … gone from strength to strength through the first half of 2022 … successive triple-digit ROIs in January (166%) and February (100%), his lowest monthly yield this has still exceeded 22%…”

1st Read Between The Lines – 392 tips, 77.5% ROI, £6079.30 profit “hardly looked back since changing his betting strategy from following top-end favourites to identifying the best high-odds value … has been rewarded with a 26% success rate that has converted to over £6K in profit since the turn of the year.”

1st Won Two Three Racing Tips – 405 tips, 66.4% ROI, £5379.500 profit “offers a parallel service [to Read Between The Lines], which covers many (but not all) of the same selections, but without all premium benefits such as RBTL’s previews, hence its proportionately reduced membership tariff”

1st Won Racing Tip – 182 tips, 91.5% ROI, £3331.57 profit ” …This service’s solitary daily offering is drawn from RBTL’s daily selections, and is effectively the tipster’s “nap of the day”… boasting a mouthwatering 91% ROI and more than £3.3K from just 182 selections during the first half of 2022”

This information will help you make an informed decision on a particular tipster.

But how about going one or maybe two steps further?

How about finding tipsters who are the most consistent over 3, 6- and 12-months? Tipsters who are always in the Top-10 lists.

You can see who makes the grade in the post 9 most consistent football tipsters July 2022.



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