The best football tipster list – mathematically proven

This is my best football tipster list.
Based on mathematical and statistical analysis.

football tipster line-up - the top football tipsters


Finding a good football tipster isn’t easy

There are thousands of football matches played every week across the globe. With 250 million football players in over 200 countries its the worlds most popular sport.

Millions of football fans like to bet on the outcome of these football matches. For some, it’s just for fun – entertainment for the weekend or to make the match you’re watching more exciting. For others it’s a little more serious – beating the bookie,  making some cash and bragging or commiserating with work colleagues on a Monday morning.  For a small number of people its a lot more serious.

There are a huge number of markets available to bet on in football. Do you prefer the ever-popular Home-Draw-Away type bets? Or perhaps you reckon you can predict the number of goals or even the correct score? Maybe you might take a gamble on the number of corners or yellow cards.

With so many matches available and so many markets to choose from the flexibility of football is a great advantage. But it can also be overwhelming.

Predicting the outcome of a soccer match is difficult. And the odds are rarely generous. Sure you can get all the historical stats you want for the match but at the end of the day can you predict how twenty-two players and a referee are going to perform on that day. This is what makes it tough to make money from football betting.


What is a football tipster?

A football tipster is someone who regularly provides information (tip or pick) on the likely outcomes of football/soccer events.

To be successful a tipster must first overcome the profit margin that bookmakers build into their sports betting odds. In the UK this is called the overround. In the US its called the vig. This margin adjusts the odds in favour of the bookmaker. It’s this margin that ensures the bookmaker always makes money from every sporting event. On top of the overround/vig the tipster must also obtain an additional “edge” to be able to deliver profit over the long term.

Tipsters are sometimes insiders of a particular sport able to provide bettors with information not publicly available. There are other tipsters who provide equally respectable results through analysis of widely available information.

Some football tipsters use statistically-based estimations about the outcome of a game. They then compare this estimation with the bookmaker’s odds. If there is an advantageous difference between the estimated odds and the bookmaker’s odds, the tipster is said to identify “value”. A person who bets on such odds when they perceive, not a certainty but, a “gap in the book” is said to be a “value bettor”.


Football tipsters offer a convenient way to bet

There is no doubt that using a football tipster is a convenient way of getting bets. You don’t have to spend hours looking into the form of each team.
They do all the hard work in finding the tip. All you do is simply place the bet.

You don’t even need to be a huge football fan to do this. If you just want to place some bets then a football tipster will make it easy for you. They will tell you exactly what bets to place on each game they have selected. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even heard of the teams before.

You can register on whatever site they operate from and pay their subscription fee. You’ll typically get the tips sent out to you or maybe you’ll have to log on to their site. Some tipster services also offer a mobile app that you can use. In this way, you can receive their tips in whatever way suits you best.

There are some schools of thought that suggest you can be selective on which tips you actually place a bet on. But ask yourself why did you sign-up to that football tipster in the first place? Aren’t you hoping to match their success? The only way to match their success is to place every bet they advise. If you start being selective it might go well but it could equally go disastrously wrong.


Avoid football tipster scams

The internet is a dangerous place. There are many many scams out there. Many football tipster services and tipster sites are run by people who have no interest in or real knowledge of the betting markets. Their sole purpose is to make money by conning people.

Premium tipping services charge a fee for accessing a tip or tips by email, on a website or through an app. The more reputable companies will keep an accurate record of their tipping activities enabling a prospective client to assess their past performance and so anticipate potential future performance. There is a lot of scope for less reputable operations to massage these figures or even to fabricate figures in order to attract new customers. In 2008, the Office of Fair Trading state the figure lost to tipster scams each year is between £1 million and £4 million in the UK alone.

In 2019 over 2000 people who “invested” in the Layezy Racing betting syndicate lost an estimated £70 million of their life savings. This turned out to be a PONZI scheme run by a “trustworthy” ex-policeman. The Gambling Commission when asked if there was there any legal protection responded with “…we do not regulate syndicates … any issues that you may have would be considered a civil matter”

Derren Brown’s Channel 4 programme ”The System” exposed one method by which tipping services operate. By giving out different tips to different people (unknown to each other) in a horse race, one person must win (essentially its a sweepstake). The bettor who won might then assume that they received real insight into the race outcome from the tipster and may then pay for subsequent tips.

Read more about this and other typical scams plus advice on how to avoid being conned in this article Tipsters: Can you Trust them?


Why are there so few football tipsters worth following?

The increasing numbers of people betting on football has also seen a growth in the number of football tipsters and tipster sites on-line.

More and more punters are turning to football tipsters for help.

But with so many tipsters available its increasingly difficult to sort the good from the bad and the downright ugly.

Tipster review sites typically use a phrase like “always do your own research” to advise readers before joining a paid tipster service.

But how do you do that? No one tells you what that research should be. You’re left to make it up on your own. What is it that makes a football tipster a good one and worth following?
This is one of the reasons I started this website. To capture my own approach to that research and share it.

The popularity of football betting means that a massive number of bets are made on matches. According to Statista, football betting turnover between October 2016 – September 2017 was £1.2 billion in the UK alone. This volume of betting helps to ensure that the market odds are very efficient and difficult to beat.

It also makes being a football tipster very challenging. Many people try and fail. Services can just disappear overnight if their results take a turn for the worse.

A track record is crucial – the longer the better. A tipster might have a good month or two but can they keep it up? Was it just a lucky streak they were on?

If you are going to use a football tipster then they need to win you a lot more than you would have done without their help.

Having said all of that, there are some good football tipsters around.


Football Tipsters on Tipstrr

football tipsters on TipstrrFrom integrity, transparency and a technology perspective, the Tipstrr platform is leading the way.

Tipstrr started in 2013 and their goal is simple. To help people profit from sports betting. To connect expert tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long-term profitability.

They are doing this by building tools that increase the transparency of the sports tipster industry. Keeping open and accurate records for all to see. So that what you see is what you get – what’s actually happening in the real world, warts and all.

There is a handy Discover Tipsters page and tipster comparison tool to find the tipsters that will best suit your betting strategy.
You can discover tipsters offering tips that complement your style and preferences. Whether you target a specific sport or tips within certain odds or a tipster with a minimum ROI, you can use the filters to find a range of tipsters that give you the best chance of making a profit in betting.

There are three groups of tipsters to choose from on the Tipstrr site: free tipsters, premium tipsters, and TipstrrPRO.

TipstrrPro is a selection of the best-paid tipsters hand-picked by the Tipstrr team for offering a high-quality service and consistent tips.

The main sports covered are football (soccer) and horse racing. But there’s tennis, basketball and a lot more besides.

The tipsters making it onto the Tipster PRO list does change from time to time. There are usually up to 10 tipsters in this group. Subscriptions costs range from £19/month to £79/month but mostly its £29/month. It is possible to subscribe for longer than one month and this brings the cost per month down. Also, some tipsters have introductory offers such as the first 14 days for £2 so you should look out for these.

You can see how the Tipstrr PRO tipsters stack up against each other in this comparison of the Tipstrr PRO tipsters 

At the time of writing the two best football tipsters, in my opinion, are Sports Insider and Better Bettor. For more detail on these two football tipsters see the articles full analysis of Better Bettor and full analysis of Sports Insider.


Football Tipsters on Bettinggods

football tipsters on BettinggodsBettinggods has a stable of 17 tipsters covering many different sports. Eight horseracing tipsters, 3 football tipsters and others covering golf, tennis, boxing, cricket and greyhound racing.

They actively manage this list to ensure customers only get the best of what they have to offer. Under-performing tipsters are removed if they have three consecutive losing months. But they can return if they make a solid recovery. To make it onto this list new tipsters have to undergo a stringent 6 months vetting.

The Bettinggods set-up has a lot of manual elements to it and is not as integrated as Tipstrrr.

The tipster sends an email to Bettinggods that contains the details of the tips – the date, the event, the pick and the odds that can be found available from at least two or more bookmakers. The choice of bookmakers is entirely left to the tipster.

The Bettinggods system automatically forwards this email to all the tipster’s subscribers and, sometime later, the Bettinggods support team manually update the tipster’s google spreadsheet with the details of the tips and the results. The spreadsheet recalculates the on-going stats on Strike Rates and Return on Investment etc.and can be accessed from the tipster’s page on the Bettinggods website.

Some highlights of the Bettinggods set up are:

  • Extensive Vetting: Every Betting Gods tipster undergoes astringent 16-week vetting period before they go public on the network
  • Attainable Results: Bettinggods guarantee that odds are available with at least 2 bookies. They don’t take BOG prices and do include Rule 4 deductions
  • Cancel Anytime: “Only happy if you’re happy” –  so if you want to cancel then just let them know and they’ll do so with no questions asked
  • Industry Leading Support: They provide support via email, live chat and through the member’s area giving you plenty of ways to get in contact
  • Founded in 2014: Bettinggods have been around long enough that there’s no fear of them vanishing with your money and leaving you with no tips
  • Not Hidden Away: Betting Gods is a public company with head offices in Malta – not hiding away behind a computer screen

None of their football tipsters is performing particularly well at the time of writing this article so I can’t recommend any of them.

But, its a totally different story on the Horse Racing front.

There are three racing tipsters which stand out.


Football Tipsters on OLBG

football tipsters on OLBGOLBG users have been sharing their experiences of online betting since 2002 to help you to make informed choices about which bets to place and where to place them.

100% Free Tipsters

OLBG is 100% free to sign up and use and has, OLBG say, over 500,000 users. Some areas of OLBG require a login, but the tips are available to members and non-members.


The OLBG Forum features discussions on all the major (and minor) sports and sporting events as well as general betting discussion, non-betting discussion and gambling help for those who think they might have a problem with gambling. OLBG members are invited to ask questions as well as pass on their knowledge and tips on the forum making it an ideal resource for very knowledgeable tipsters as well as those who are only just taking up betting on a certain sport.

Tipping Competition

Like many other similar sites, OLBG runs tipping competitions and these are free to enter. There are over 60 monthly and big event tipping competitions with £7,000 in REAL cash and
£1,500 in free bets up for grabs each month.

The more successful tipsters on OLBG can use the free-to-enter OLBG Tipping Competition to earn some money each month without any risk and also to build up a following on OLBG. OLBG members who have less betting experience may simply want to use the OLBG Tipping Competition to help with their betting, they can find the most popular tips on each event and also read the tip comments to gain a better understanding of the best bets in that event. They can also subscribe to their preferred OLBG members and get alerts every time those members make a tip.

You can more information about OLBG in my full review of the OLBG site.

If you’re looking for good free football tipsters right now here are a few which stand out for me on OLBG.

Note: PM6 and PM12 show how many Profitable Months the tipster has had in the previous 6- and 12-month periods

Premier League 1X2 market 

Tipster Last 6 Months Last 12 Months
LSP ROI Strike  PM6 LSP ROI Strike PM12
Rodan 15.4 51.50% 43.30% 3 34.9 29.90% 58.10% 8
oramatistis 8.3 10.80% 63.60% 3 28.6 16.10% 56.70% 8
titans choice 3.4 15.30% 72.50% 2 13.2 21.30% 79.00% 7
risto123 5.6 29.90% 100.00% 4 6.4 21.70% 96.30% 7

Horse Racing

Tipster Last 6 Months Last 12 Months
LSP ROI Strike  PM6 LSP ROI Strike PM12
JIBBER JABBER 97.4 23.10% 28.90% 6 296.6 23.50% 25.00% 11
attitude adjuster 76.6 11.30% 32.50% 6 91.8 6.70% 32.90% 10
bigmalky71 36.4 21.80% 26.90% 5 43.6 15.20% 27.10% 7


Why use football tipsters?

Betting on football games is undeniably a lot of fun. Especially with friends it can bring a lot of extra enjoyment when watching games or checking results. The satisfaction of predicting the right result and winning money is well worth experiencing.

Yet, making money from football bets over the long-term is notoriously difficult to do. Even if you are a huge football fan and know the teams inside-out making money is far from easy. You might know all the stats and everything about the players. But can you turn this knowledge into regular wins and consistent profits? Not many of us can do this.

This is why so many people turn to football tipsters for additional advice. These experts use systems to give you a better chance of winning.

You must always remember though that there is no such thing as a guaranteed win in football. There are simply too many factors that influence the result for guarantees to be made. However, you should enjoy more success if you choose a reputable tipster with a good track record.

The article How to pick your perfect tipster will help you find the right football tipster for your betting style.



I'm Rob, I have an M.Sc. In Mathematics and Computer Science and I am the creator & writer of TheBetInvestor. I provide honest independent assessments of sports tipsters based on statistical and financial investment analysis. My aim is to find profitable tipsters and help you safely navigate the murky waters of the online sports tips world.

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