Behind the headlines of Tipstrr’s February Top 10 racing tipsters

Thanks as usual to TipstrrCorrespondent for his latest rundown on Tipstrr’s best horse racing tipsters for February 2021.

Here is that February’21 Top 10 list and some notable snippets from the article text followed by my own analysis and some conclusions.

  • an eye-catching performance … even though GV Early Alerts  can’t boast the same longer-term success as WannaWin BM, that 142% yield is hard to ignore.”
  • three months to remember for anyone lucky enough to have been signed up to WannaWin BM an 81% yield that converts to over £2,400 to level £20 stakes in just three months
  • AG Tips fourteenth profitable month from eighteen … long-term capabilities of this reliable service
  • February marked Clyde Shelton Turf Wars fourth straight winning month, each more profitable than the one before

Compared over 12, 6  and 3 months

That’s how they performed during the one month of February.

Now compare how each of these tipsters performed from a standing start over 12-months ago, 6-months, and the most recent 3 months.

Monthly performance is based on the number of tips each month, the ROI achieved that month, and betting a fixed 10-point stake per tip.

Looking at these performance graphs you can see WannaWin BM is never out of the top three for all time periods.

Similarly AG Tips is consistently knocking on that particular door and Clyde Shelton Turf Wars recent purple patch is very clear that perfect straight-line growth in the 6-month graph.

CD Systems Daily Bargain and Each Way Value Tips, however, struggle to makes it out of the bottom half of this group over all the timeframes and although you can see that sharp upswing of GV Early Alerts in February it does look like he’s firmly stuck as a mid-table average performer.

Remarkable too is Shrewd Tips who was riding high on the 12 and 6-month performance charts but has dropped to last place over the most recent 3 months. But always remember even good tipsters have bad patches.

Thebetinvestor ranking

If you’re looking to partner up with one of these tipsters this is how I would rank them for long-term profitability.

Rank All-time ROI Avg. Odds Avg. Weekly Tips Win Rate
1 WannaWin BM 34.20% 9.02 17 16.00%
2 Shrewd Tips 11.00% 8.80 46 17.00%
3 AG Tips 24.90% 10.51 15 32.00%
4 Horseforacourse 76.40%* 10.80 11 29.00%
5 GV Early Alerts 23.50% 330.26 16 14.00%
6 Clyde Shelton Turf Wars 21.60% 13.79 35 22.00%
7 OnTheNose 37.40% 10.83 6 15.00%
8 On The Money Tips  5.80% 8.46 24 23.00%
9 Each Way Value Tips 36.40% 8.79 6 32.00%
10 CD Systems Daily Bargain 26.40% 9.05 7 16.00%
  • This overall ROI figure is mathematically correct but very misleading


Two tipsters to be recommended:

WannaWin BM has been one of our recommended tipsters for a long time. It’s not hard to see why. If your looking for consistency and a tipster who delivers steady growth Wannawin BM should be in your portfolio.

AG Tips  – its good to see AG Tips going from strength to strength. AG Tips performance is actually much better than the headline figures suggest – you can find out why in this post AG Tips – a double take reveals 30% ROI.

Three to consider:

Shrewd Tips looks to be having a difficult time right now but his performance over longer periods looks very positive.

Clyde Shelton Turf Wars is going through a revival – you could be tempted to jump on the gravy train

Horseforacourse – a deeper drive into the stats of Horseforacourse shows practically all (90%) of this tipsters profits were made in the first 3 months of this service. So the 76% ROI figure is very misleading and does not represent the current performance of this tipster if you’re thinking of joining right now. Since those heady first 3 months, the ROI has averaged around 20% which is still fairly acceptable.

One to forget:

GV Early Alerts makes the top spot on Tipstrr’s February best tipsters but what hits you between the eyes is the average odds of 330.26! That’s just plain crazy. But when you see his full stats the historical monthly breakdown Mar’20 to Nov’20 tells the full story. GV Early Alerts is a real true roller-coaster on several levels.


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