Behind the headlines of Tipstrr’s February Top 10 football tipsters

Thanks as usual to TipstrrCorrespondent for his latest rundown on Tipstrr’s best football tipsters for February 2021.

Here is that February’21 Top 10 list and some notable snippets from the article text followed by my own analysis and some conclusions.

  • Gold Digger also enjoyed profitable gains in handball, tennis, ice hockey and esports
  • Elite Football Picks ending the month in style with no less than 14 consecutive winners”
  • Zenith … his busy output might not suit all betting tastes, but surely those relentless profits will”
  • WiLLyTfE’s prolific tip volume has reduced in recent months to a level that should be more than manageable with a patient disciplined betting approach
  • Footballer Tips … perfectly illustrating the long-term viability of this popular service”

Compared over 12, 6  and 3 months

That’s how they performed during the one month of February.

Now compare how each of these tipsters performed from a standing start over 12-months ago, 6-months, and the most recent 3 months.

* Monthly performance is based on the number of tips each month, the ROI achieved that month, and betting a fixed 10-point stake per tip.

Footballer Tips, Zenith and WiLLyTfE are the standout performers in this February Top 10 tipsters list.  They occupy the top 3 spots over all three time periods which shows a high level of consistency.

Gold Digger though is never far away from these three – dropping a little of the most recent 3 months but recovering in February with the best ROI of all.

Elite Football Picks and Correct Score Daily have had a good month in February but struggle to perform on any longer term. Consequently they cannot be considered as long-term propositions. The write up says “In theory correct score betting has too much going against it to be consistently profitable. In practice, however, the service of Correct Score Daily continues to flourish” I woudl agree with the first part of that statement but not the second.

Thebetinvestor ranking

If you’re looking to partner up with one of these tipsters this is how I would rank them for long-term profitability.

Rank All-time ROI Avg Odds Avg.Weekly Tips Win Rate
1 Footballer Tips 16.70% 2.65 68.00 46%
2 Zenith 7.00% 2.40 75.00 44%
3 WiLLyTfE 7.90% 2.83 81.00 38%
4 Gold Digger 13.30% 3.09 23.00 39%
5 Alexis Soccerr 3.80% 2.71 45.00 45%
6  JS 1.90% 2.10 128.00 47%
7 Alpha-Bet 7.80% 3.08 16.00 39%
8 Asian Football Betting 10.80% 1.95 10.00 52%
9 Correct Score Daily 12.20% 6.86 11.00 16%
10 Elite Football Picks 12.30% 1.81 7.00 62%



Tipsters to be recommended:

Footballer Tips, Zenith, WiLLyTfE and Gold Digger are all highly recommended.

Zenith‘s ROI of 7% may seem small but when you have 17 profitable months from 18 – only one losing month – it does hammer home the “relentless profits” remark used above.

Footballer Tips has only 7 months of service behind him – but that was 7 out of 7 profitable months though – so in term of real long-term performance has a few months to go to truly cement his credentials.


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