A shortlist of proven horse racing tipsters

A shortlist of proven horse racing tipsters

With the welcome return of UK horse racing, the number of racing tipsters resuming their services on the Tipstrr platform is growing all the time. This is great news, of course, but every silver lining has a cloud, and in this case, it’s the fact that the number of tipsters around can make the process of choosing a good service a little daunting.

To help with that process, we’ve put together a shortlist of tipsters that should help anyone looking to build or enhance their portfolio to make an informed decision as to which tipster best suits their betting needs.

Please note that this list is by no means exhaustive, and if you want to explore a wider range of horse racing services, then you can do so by accessing our dedicated horse racing tipster page..

Anyway, that’s enough preamble – let’s crack on with a few tipsters, which are in no particular order.

Just click on their links if you’re interested in taking advantage of their trial offers or finding out more about them:


WANNAWIN BM    First 7 days for £3

Joined Tipstrr March 2019     Average 31 tips per week at odds of 17/2

Overall ROI 16.7%     All-time profit: £6,595, to £20 average stake

Although these tipsters are in no particular order, we couldn’t really do better than to start with Wannawin BM, who was the deserving winner of our Best Tipster for 2019 rankings after a phenomenal first ten months on the site. Publishing around 4 or 5 tips a day, all in the same regular mid-morning slot, this tipster suits anyone who likes a no-nonsense staking plan, on-the-nose betting and a manageable amount of betting daily activity.


LANDRY HORSE RACING     First 7 days for £2

Joined Tipstrr September 2019     Average 61 tips per week at odds of 10/1

Overall ROI 22.1%     All-time profit: £10,126 to £20 average stake

Landry Horse Racing has become the bane of bookmakers with his outstanding eye for each-way value. If you have the appetite and the time for plenty of betting action, then Landry is for you, but you will need to be disciplined in order to protect your betting pot. His performance since Monday is a snapshot of what you might have in store – over 40 each-way tips in four days that have provided no less than 14 placed horses to go with five winners at 3/1, 13/2, 9/1, 10/1 and all rounded off with a whopping 25/1 winner on Thursday.



Joined Tipstrr March 2019     Average 6 tips per week at odds of 9/1 ?

Overall ROI 22.1%     All-time profit: £2,902 to £20 average stake

CD Systems Daily Bargain continued his service right through the lockdown, adapting his betting model to transition seamlessly from the UK circuit to horse racing Down Under, where he enjoyed moderate success. He is now back to his preferred UK courses, where he has enjoyed great success with his simple but professionally run service of providing just one tip a day. All of his tips are provided the previous day, so you will never have to rush to put your bet on, and you will often benefit from enhanced earlybird prices.


SVB TIPS     First 30 days for £1

Joined Tipstrr January 2019     Average 56 tips per week at odds of 7/2

Overall ROI 13.4%     All-time profit: £10, 249 to £20 average stake

SVB Tips is a special animal and something of a jewel in the Tipstrr crown of multisport tipsters. Not only does he boast an overall ROI of 17% from nearly 1500 horse racing tips, but he has also yielded a 12% yield from nearly 1600 football tips. Factor in double-digit ROI’s in esports, cricket and rugby union, as well as gains in tennis, ice hockey and darts, and you really do have a jack-of-all-trades, and with seven or eight selections a day, you will never have a dull betting moment, and all under the umbrella of a single multi-sport service



Joined Tipstrr January 2019     Average 13 tips per week at odds of 14/1

Overall ROI 27%     All-time profit: £4,895 to £20 average stake

Russell Blair Racing is another tipster who looks for race winner tips at each-way prices, consistently finding value well down the market, and no tipster on this shortlist offers higher average advised odds than Russell’s 14/1. Of course, that comes at the price of an average nine losing tips between each winner, but you can tell from his sustained record over eighteen months that those winners have been well worth staying patient for. His tips are always published the night before racing, giving you plenty of time to consider your betting options as well as often getting top prices before the market takes shape.


LONGSHOOTER     First 7 days for £1

Joined Tipstrr July 2019     Average 15 tips per week at odds of 6/1

Overall ROI 20.1%     All-time profit: £5,511 to £20 average stake

No prizes for guessing that a tipster with a name like Longshooter enjoys exploring the bottom of the market, but don’t be fooled, because this tipster has more strings to his betting bow than meet the eye. Yes, consistent success at finding each-way value has brought him the rewards you can see outlined above, but he has also enjoyed a phenomenal 29% win rate from 129 race winner tips at average odds below 3/1, indicating that Longshooter is no each way pin sticker, and indeed he boasts a superior ROI for race winners (20.7%) than he does for each way selections (17.7%)..


BOOMBOOM     First 30 days for £10

Joined Tipstrr March 2019     Average 22 tips per week at odds of 11/2

Overall ROI 13.2%     All-time profit: £3,605 to £20 average stake

The echo of BoomBoom has been resounding loudly within the Tipstrr community in the first full year since he launched his service. Eleven profitable months in his first thirteen on the site pretty much says it all and goes a long way to explaining that solid 13% ROI. In fact, if we were to disregard his occasional flirtation with basketball, his ROI for racing alone climbs to 14.5%, and those average odds of 11/2 mean that a hit rate nudging one winner every four tips converts to a well-rounded successful service.


ON TARGET TIPS     First 10 days FREE

Joined Tipstrr October 2019     Average 24 tips per week at odds of 19/2

Overall ROI 18.5%     All-time profit: £2,280 to £20 average stake

On Target Tips is one of the newer tipsters on this list, but nevertheless his first six months on the platform have given plenty of indication that he is a long-term prospect. His first six months all produced a positive return, not a common feat in horse racing circles, and no mean achievement at all when he aims solely at the race winner market while looking for value at average odds nudging 10/1. Three or four tips per day is just enough activity to maintain plenty of interest but without putting too much strain on either your time or your betting pot.


SHREWD TIPS     First 7 days for £1

Joined Tipstrr October 2019     Average 29 tips per week at odds of 7/1

Overall ROI 13.3%     All-time profit: £4,125 to £20 average stake

Shrewd by name and by nature, Shrewd Tips is another relative newcomer who has hit the ground running since launching his service in October, despite the curtailed racing calendar in March giving him his only downward dip after five straight months of sustained profit. A straightforward full-unit staking plan and a regular mid-morning publication window keeps this service as simple as you could want it to be, and when you back that up with 20% win rate at average odds exceeding 7/1, then it’s easy to see why more and more people are following his service.


HELI’S HORSES     First 7 days for £6

Joined Tipstrr October 2018,    Average 19 tips per week at odds of 10/1

Overall ROI 22.7%     All-time profit: £7,103 to £20 average stake

Heli’s Horses only resumed his services on Thursday, so it is perhaps too early to see if he can rekindle the kind of form that he has shown consistently throughout his previous eighteen months on the site. But the chances are good! Heli’s makes race winner selections but at each way prices, which means there can sometimes be an inevitable gap between successful tips. But if you stick with him and more importantly stick with your own betting discipline, then his one in seven win ratio at average double-digit prices should reward you with the kind of profits you can see outlined above.

We hope that list has given you a little more idea of the direction you want to go in selecting your tipster.

Of course, we should always remember the old adage that past results cannot guarantee success, but we hope it helps to equip you with a little more insight with which to make an informed decision.

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