A shortlist of proven football tipsters

A shortlist of proven football tipsters

It seemed to take forever, but the Premier League is finally back on our screens, and consequently, the number of football tipsters resuming their services on the Tipstrr platform is growing all the time. This is great news, of course, but comes with the caveat that the more tipsters there are, the more difficult it can be to make an informed decision about which tipster best fits your betting needs.

To make things a little less daunting, we’ve put together a shortlist of half a dozen tipsters that should help anyone looking to build or enhance their portfolio with a proven and reliable tipster service.

Obviously, such a shortlist is by no means exhaustive, so if you want to explore a wider range of football tipster services, then you can do so by accessing our dedicated football tipster page.

Anyway, that’s the introductions sorted – let’s crack on with a few tipsters, which are in no particular order.

Just click on their links if you’re interested in taking advantage of any trial offers or finding out more about them:

WeBET Football World    First 15 days for £5

Joined Tipstrr December 2018     Average 13 tips per week at odds of 3.35

Overall ROI 10.0%     All-time profit: £1,885 to £20 average stake

In eighteen months as a valued member of the Tipstrr platform, weBET Football World, has proved to us that his early successes were no flash in the pan, with thirteen profitable months in that time combining for a rock-solid overall 10% yield. Those results, coupled with the professional level of his service soon earned him TipstrrPro status on the platform, while his returns in May (57% ROI) and so far in June (40%) suggest that he is hitting form with perfect timing, just as top-flight football is getting back to full swing.

SVB TIPS     First 30 days for £1

Joined Tipstrr January 2019     Average 56 tips per week at odds of 4.49

Overall ROI 14.0%     All-time profit: £11,195 to £20 average stake

We have already extolled the virtues of SVB TIps in our article on horse racing tipsters, so the fact that he merits a mention on our football tipster shortlist only goes to show what an asset this versatile multi-sport tipster is to the Tipstrr community. His 10% gain over the last three months of depleted football action serves as a tasty back-up to his 29%ROI in horse racing and only proves the sustainability of a betting model that has also brought a 30% gain from over 70 esports selections. Impressive stuff.

BET Supply Inc     £29 per month

Joined Tipstrr October 2019     Average 14 tips per week at odds of 3.27

Overall ROI 17.8%     All-time profit: £1,736 to £20 average stake

After finding his feet in his debut month last October, the service of BET Supply Inc has gone from strength to strength, and he has now gone through seven straight months without suffering a monthly loss. Without ever bombarding his members with more tips than they can handle, his carefully-researched selections continue to offer excellent value, and indeed over the last three months his overall 17% ROI more than doubles to 36%, thanks to an eyecatching 54% win rate at average advised odds of 2.76.

SaPariePopette     First 7 days for £2

Joined Tipstrr July 2019     Average 20 tips per week at odds of 5.52

Overall ROI 11.1%     All-time profit: £1,999 to £20 average stake

Another tipster to have taken the recent lockdown in his stride is SaPariePopette, whose betting strategy transitioned seamlessly to the reduced football betting markets, and indeed seemed to benefit from it, bouncing back from uncharacteristic setbacks in February and March to produce double-digit ROI’s in April and May, while June is also heading in that direction. If this service ticks the right boxes for you, then you might also be interested in this tipster’s fledgeling sister service, SaPariePopette2, which has hit the ground running to produce a 45% yield in May and is sitting pretty on 29% so far in June.

Alias Core     First 7 days for £1

Joined Tipstrr January 2019     Average 24 tips per week at odds of 2.00

Overall ROI 8.3%     All-time profit: £2,896 to £20 average stake

It has to be said that for an ice hockey player, Alias Core makes a pretty decent football tipster, having gradually shifted the focus of his service from the former sport to the latter over his eighteen months on the Tipstrr platform. That transition has paid particular dividends over the last few weeks of sporting lockdown, when ice hockey has ground to a halt, leaving just a few resilient football markets scattered around the world. Alias Core’s betting strategy has survived that troubled period, and with his appetite for top-flight European football about to be appeased, this could be the perfect time to enjoy a lucrative end-of-season with this successful tipster.

Batibet     £29 per month

Joined Tipstrr February 2020     Average 70 tips per week at odds of 1.94

Overall ROI 9.9%     All-time profit: £2,343 to £20 average stake

Having only launched his service in February of this year, Batibet is by far the newest kid on the block within this shortlist, but he merits a mention for a service that was hit straight away by the global sporting lockdown cause by Covid-19. Despite the challenges that those restrictions brought about, this tipster was able to adapt his betting model to incorporate the reduced leagues that were available, resulting in month after month of sustained growth. Batibet is a tipster for those bettors who like to keep busy with plenty of betting activity, but if that’s your thing and if you can maintain the discipline required to cope with around 10 tips a day, then Batibet might be your man.

That concludes out potted summaries of just a few of our top-performing football tipsters, which we hope has given you a little more idea of the direction you want to go in selecting any services that fit your betting preferences.

Of course, we should always bear in mind that the past results of these tipsters can never fully guarantee future success, but we hope you have seen enough to provide a little more insight with which to make an informed decision.

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