9 High-performing Consistent Racing Tipsters

In my last article, I went In search of 4 high-performing consistent football tipsters.

Here I’m looking to find high-performing consistent horse racing tipsters.

I went to Tipstrr’s FIND A PROFESSIONAL RACING TIPSTER page to search for high-performing consistent horse racing tipsters who regularly appeared in the Top ROI Best Tipsters list over the past 3-months and 6-months and 12-month periods.

I then whittled them down to 9 of the best.

Most Consistent Tipsters Covering Horse Racing

The following racing tipsters:

  1. appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 3 months Aug-Sep-Oct’21
  2. AND appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 6 months Jun – Oct’21
  3. AND ALSO appeared in the top-30 list producing the best ROI over 12 months Nov’20 – Oct’21
Tipster 3Mth ROI 6Mth ROI 12Mth ROI All-time ROI All-time Mths
365 All Sports 53% 34% 24% 24% 9
CD Systems – Daily Bargain 16% 37% 27% 26% 43
ChampionsTips1 12% 17% 11% 12% 10
Flyingboltoriginalone. 14% 10% 10% 10% 10
Horseforacourse 14% 17% 19% 59% 17
Improvers 21% 10% 15% 15% 19
On Target Tips 18% 11% 11% 11% 23
On The Money Tips 14% 35% 15% 13% 15
The Banker 43% 27% 28% 26% 27
UNDERDOG Racing Tips 58% 45% 46% 35% 23
Value Ratings 43% 23% 14% 19% 16
V-Nosferatu 36% 19% 29% 29% 8
WannaWin BM 14% 11% 34% 22% 30

Some tipsters hadn’t completed a full 12 months of tipping but Tipstrr’s algorithm listed them for the 12-month ROI anyhow.

UNDERDOG Racing Tips catches the eye as a good performer in this group.

But Horseforacourse‘s all-time ROI of 59% sticks out like a sore thumb. Why is it 3 times bigger than the previous 12 months? Turns out, looking at his stats, that the first 3 months of tipping produced incredible results. Over 80% of all profit made in 17 months came during these first 3 months. Since then things have settled down a little as you can see form the ROI figures in the table.

Most Consistent Racing Tipsters

All but one of these tipsters are dedicated racing tipsters and there’s a mix of bet types. WannaWin BM tips are all to-win bets. Half of Horseforacourse‘s tips are each-way bets. Some tipsters also tip doubles and trebles but the number of these is very small.

Tipster % Racing tips Predominant Markets
365 All Sports 88% 99% Race winner
CD Systems – Daily Bargain 100% 100% Race winner
ChampionsTips1 100% 99% Each-way
Flyingboltoriginalone. 100% 90% Each-way 10% race winner
Horseforacourse 100% 50% Each-way 50% race winner
Improvers 100% 60% Race winner 40% Each-way
On Target Tips 100% 99% Race winner
On The Money Tips 100% 67% Race winner  33% Each-way
The Banker 100% 90% Race winner 10% Each-way
UNDERDOG Racing Tips 100% 99% Each-way
Value Ratings 100% 99% Race winner
V-Nosferatu 100% 85% Race winner 15% Each-way
WannaWin BM 100% 100% Race winner

As the name might suggest 365 All Sports delved into tipping on a range of sports. And as he had only been tipping for 9 months I didn’t consider him further.

I also discounted ChampionsTips1, Flyingboltoriginalalone because they too had less than 12 months’ tips and their ROIs over all three periods were relatively low.

Also, V-Nosferatu with only 8 months of tips didn’t make the cut.

Nine Most Consistent RacingTipsters

This left me with 9 tipsters and in the table below you can see how many profitable months they’ve had since they started their tipping.

In these terms, the best performing top 3 in this list would be On Target TipsWannaWin BM and Horseforacourse in that order with UNDERDOG Racing Tips not too far behind.

Tipster 3Mth ROI 6Mth ROI 12Mth ROI All-time ROI %Profit Mths
CD Systems – Daily Bargain 16% 37% 27% 26% 67% (29/43)
Horseforacourse 14% 17% 19% 59% 76% (13/17)
Improvers 21% 10% 15% 15% 63% (12/19)
On Target Tips 18% 11% 11% 11% 83% (19/23)
On The Money Tips 14% 35% 15% 13% 67% (10/15)
The Banker 43% 27% 28% 26% 67% (18/27)
UNDERDOG Racing Tips 58% 45% 46% 35% 74% (17/23)
Value Ratings 43% 23% 14% 19% 69% (11/16)
WannaWin BM 14% 11% 34% 22% 77% (23/30)

Improvers comes bottom with only 63% of his months in profit. Or looking at it another way over one-third of his months have lost money. And you could say something similar for CD Systems – Daily Bargain, On The Money Tips, The Banker and Value Ratings.

Top Racing Tipsters

Looking deeper at the fundamentals of each of these tipsters provides another indication of their consistency.

On Target Tips will keep you busy placing bets with an average of 8 bets a day whereas with CD Systems – Daily Bargain one bet and you’re done.

You’re also going to have to be patient with On Target Tips with only a 12% Win Rate and an ELLR (Estimated Longest Losing Run) of 67 losers in a row – and his 11% ROI is not the best on offer here.

P-values are all reasonably good apart from Horseforacourse and On The Money Tips who have the highest and therefore poorest figures in the group.

Tipster Tips Avg. Odds Tips
Win Rate ELLR P-value* Price
CD Systems – Daily Bargain 1143 10.20 1 15% 44 0.00 Try for just £10
Horseforacourse 837 9.81 2 22% 28 0.05 Free 14 day trial
Improvers 1662 7.82 3 27% 24 0.02 Try for just £1
On Target Tips 5060 10.64 8 12% 67 0.01 Try for just £5
On The Money Tips 1223 8.85 3 17% 39 0.05 Try for just £1
The Banker 1962 9.38 3 15% 47 0.00 Join from £29
UNDERDOG Racing Tips 1800 17.18 3 20% 34 0.00 Try for just £9.99
Value Ratings 1358 8.18 3 17% 39 0.03 Try for just £1
WannaWin BM 3425 9.06 4 15% 51 0.00 Try for just £3

* P-value is approximated where level-stakes are not used

Racing Super Tipsters

Comparing the tipsters’ performance over the past months in terms of bank growth and monthly profit/losses gives us a visual indication of consistency.

There’s no real stand-out performer here. But by the same token, no one is really bad either. Everyone has their ups and downs. If you pushed me I’d perhaps pick out On Target Tips because of his 83% profitable months.

Compare this with the footballer tipsters graphs where there are some very consistent performers.

Note: These graphs were produced on 11Nov’21 with real-time data and include the results of only the first week of November and not the full month. As such the final data points on the graphs are not an accurate reflection of performance for November.

Football Tipster Best Value for Money

ROI is a critical figure when it comes to choosing a tipster – the higher the ROI the better. But that ROI comes at a cost in the form of the tipster’s subscription fee.

Knowing the cost of 1% of ROI with each tipster allows you to compare them directly for value-for-money.

*Note: It would be misleading to use the 59% all-time ROI for Horseforacourse for these calculations because that is not the level he has been performing at since those meteoric first 3 months. The 19% over the past 12 months more accurately reflects his performance and that’s what I’ve used.

All the tipsters are good value compared to the average of £2.50 per 1% ROI but at 83p UNDERDOG Racing Tips is the best value here with Improvers being the most expensive.

Tipster Monthly
Cost per
CD Systems – Daily Bargain £39 26% £1.50
Horseforacourse £19 19%* £1.00
Improvers £29 15% £1.93
On Target Tips £19 11% £1.73
On The Money Tips £19 13% £1.46
The Banker £29 26% £1.12
UNDERDOG Racing Tips £29 35% £0.83
Value Ratings £29 19% £1.53
WannaWin BM £29 22% £1.32



All of these tipsters are recommendable. It would depend on your betting style which you would choose.

Perhaps you like the thrill of betting to win with WannaWin BM or maybe you’re more cautious and prefer eachway bets with UNDERDOG Racing Tips.

Remember that Win Rates for horse racing tipsters are always going to be much lower than for football tipsters. This means you need to be prepared financially and mentally for long(er) losing runs. If you don’t like long losing runs then Improvers, Horseforacourse and UNDERDOG Racing Tips have the best credentials in this group.



Overall, my personal choice would be UNDERDOG Racing Tips.

  • The ROI is best on offer here over all time periods. It’s high and is consistent over all 3-, 6- and 12-months timeframes
  • With 74% profitable months it suggests there’s a good probability I would experience a winning month when I’d join and I could get my first 30 days of tips for only £9.99
  • An average of 3 tips a day isn’t going to consume too much of my time placing bets each day
  • UNDERDOG is also 3rd best in terms of Win Rate and therefore ELLR and is the best value-for-money per %ROI

Second on my list would be On Target Tips. The effort of doing an average of 8 bets a day would be my only concern with On Target Tips but for only £5 you could get 30 days of tips and check whether it would fit into your daily schedule.

You can find out more about these tipsters by clicking any of the links in the article.



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