Guides to help you find the best tipsters and make optimum profit

The betting tipster industry is unregulated and has something of a bad reputation. Unfortunately, this reputation is entirely justified in most cases. Many tipster services and tipster sites are run by people who have no interest in or real knowledge of the betting markets. Their sole purpose is to make money by conning people.

Fortunately, there are some good tipsters out there. But how can you tell?


Kelly Criterion

Recently I’ve been researching different Staking Plans to see if I can improve the profits from the Over 2.5 goals system. One thing that seems to be acquired wisdom is that if your system or…


How to pick your perfect tipster

Tipster should fit your style What kind of bettor are you? Are you cautious? A thrill seeker? Impatient? Do you tend to feel anxious or stressed when you don’t win for a long time? You should…


How to Estimate Your Longest Losing Sequence

You will hit losing runs and the longer the losing run is the harder it will be to keep faith and keep a level head. The stress can cause even an experienced bettor to revise strategies too early or…


Importance of a Betting Bank

A Betting Bank is one of the foundations of successful betting If you are serious about making money in betting then you have to treat it like a business. You must approach it in a professional…