In an industry fraught with scams and chancers TRUST is the biggest issue for tipster services. This list separates the good from the bad and the down-right ugly.

UPDATE: It has become clear that it is impossible to keep this list up to date. New scam sites emerge almost every week it seems. And existing scam sites morph into what look like brand new sites all the time. Consequently, this article is being left for posterity but will no longer be updated.

In the spirit of “teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” please read this post on free football tips.

Recommended tipster sites have full tips and results history, integrated bookmakers odds and automated results reconciliation. Trustworthy tipster sites have full tipster histories that stand up to close scrutiny. Tipster sites to avoid typically fail in-depth scrutiny of their tipster histories, have inconsistencies or promise unattainable results.


Recommended TIPSTRR getting it right and leading the way

From from an integrity, transparency and a technology perspective Tipstrr is ahead of the game.

Tipstrr started in 2013 and their goal is simple. To help people profit from sports betting. To connect expert tipsters with sports bettors looking to improve their long-term profitability.

They are doing this by building tools that increase the transparency of the sports tipster industry. Keeping open and accurate records for all to see. So that what you see is what you get – what’s actually happening in the real world, warts and all.


How Tipstrr works

The Betfair system is continually updated with new sports fixtures and races and the corresponding bookmakers odds for the different markets 1X2, Overs/Unders, Asian Handicap etc. Current bookmakers are Pinnacle, Skybet, Bwin, 888spport, Ladbrokes, SBObet, Betfair, Unibet and Bet365.

For tipsters, this makes the tip selection process a simple point-and-click process.

The results of those events are also automatically fed into the system and applied to the tips. This means keeping track of winners and losers, profit and losses are done automatically.

This means tips and results are logged into the database which underpins the site. There can be no re-writing of history: no manipulation of the available odds and no removal of losing tips.


Everything on Tipstrr is done using portfolios. You set up a portfolio and then add tips to it.
You give the portfolio a name and a description and select whether it is going to be Unlisted (private), Free (other members can see your tips) or Premium (members have to pay to see your tips).

Adding Tips

You add tips to a portfolio by clicking Add Tip and searching for a fixture. One of the nice features here is that you just start typing in the search box and any matching results show up as you type. When you see the one you want click it and it’ll show the available markets and the best odds available from the bookmakers. Clicking the odds adds it to your bet-slip on the right-hand side. You can then enter the stake and click Add Tip on the bet slip to save it to the portfolio. Or, if you have more than one tip you can build them up on the Bet slip and save them into the portfolio all at once.

You can also create multiples, doubles, trebles etc., but you need to change the bookmakers to be all the same.


What happens next depends on what type of portfolio it is.

If the portfolio is Unlisted that’s it. The tips, their results and all the profits and losses are recorded automatically. It’s a great way to just track your own selections.

However, if you’ve set up the portfolio as Free what also happens is that all your followers receive a notification of your tip you’ve just posted and also notification of the result when it happens.

As a Premium portfolio, it’s only the paying subscribers who get these notifications.

Looking for a Tipster?

There is a handy Discover Tipsters page and tipster comparison tool to find the tipsters that will best suit your betting strategy.
You can discover tipsters offering tips that complement your style and preferences. Whether you target a specific sport or tips within certain odds or a tipster with a minimum ROI, you can use the filters to find a range of tipsters that give you the best chance of making a profit in betting.

There are three groups of tipsters to choose from on the Tipstrr site: free tipsters, premium tipsters and Tipstrr PRO.

Tipstrr Pro is a selection of the best-paid tipsters hand-picked by the Tipstrr team for offering a high-quality service and consistent tips.

The main sports covered are football (soccer) and horse racing. But there’s tennis, basketball and a lot more besides.

The tipsters making it onto the Tipster PRO list does change from time to time. There are usually up to 10 tipsters in this group. Subscriptions costs range from £19/month to £79/month but mostly its £29/month. Its possible to subscribe for longer than one month and this brings the cost per month down. Also, some tipsters have introductory offers such as the first 14 days for £2 so you should look out for these.

You can see how the Tipstrr PRO tipsters stack up against each other in this comparison of the Tipstrr PRO tipsters 

Performance stats
The Stats section is excellent. Monthly breakdown of profit, what sports were bet on, what market, what bookmaker, what odds, ROI per month and much much more.

Everything you need to know about how that tipster’s portfolio is performing month after month.

And its exactly the same level of detail whether you’re just privately tracking your own selections or you’re a paid tipster.

Want to be a tipster?

Once you’ve registered you can set up a portfolio to track your own picks. You can simply track your own selections and keep them private. Or you can get into the Tipstrr community spirit and allow Tipstrr members to follow you and see your tips.

As a free member, you can create a Tipster Portfolio; post picks/tips; compete in qualifying competitions and leaderboards, and follow the pages of other free users.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become a paid tipster then with just a few clicks you can set yourself up as a premium service. Other Tipstrr members must then pay the subscription charge you set to see your tips.

You become master of your own destiny. You set your pricing tier, set up your own special introductory offers and earn 70% commission on your tips.

Becoming a tipster means you can make some money but, to be successful, it also comes with commitments and responsibilities to your subscribers. But that’s another topic and a whole other post


Recommended BLOGABET one of the biggest sports betting networks

Blogabet is one of the biggest sports betting networks. Its free, secure and helps newbies and pro tipsters alike.

It covers a wide range of sports and has both free and paid services.

You can learn about betting markets, strategies and terms in their free-to-use Blogabet Academy. And of course, you can choose between some of the best free and paid tipsters out there.

The domain name was registered and the website set up in 2005. It was a much more modest affair than the site you see today however how it works hasn’t really changed.

They implemented automated odds and results reconciliation in March 2016 and even then had 90 thousand members and over 700 paid tipster services.


How Blogabet works

Blogabet works in a similar way to Tipstrr.

Its free to sign up. When you register you get your own blog and you can find tipsters to follow or simply track your own bet selections

Becoming a Tipster

It costs €25 to become a premium tipster.
In order to become a premium tips service and be able to sell your picks in Blogabet market you must configure your Service details, Subscription plans and Personal details and then activate your seller account by paying a €25 non-refundable setup fee.

Creating tips work slightly differently to Tipstrr. In Tipstrr the first thing you select is an event and then you’re presented with the betting markets and the best odds available from different bookmakers. With Blogabet you first select the bookmaker and then find the event to get the odds. Recording your pick, like Tipstrr, is just a matter of point and click.

Finding a Tipster

Blogabet has a Tipster page where you can search for tipsters based on based on a combination of different criteria including language, sport, Leagues etc. and you can order the list based on, for example, number of picks or profit or yield.
You get a list of tipsters meeting your criteria that shows when they joined Blogabet how many picks they have posted, how much profit they’ve made, their ROI and if they are a free or premium tipster.
Simply click the tipster’s name to see the tipster’s full and extensive statistics.

Building a Tipster Stable

Building a portfolio of tipsters is as simple as clicking the “Follow” button on the tipster’s blog page. You can follow your tipsters’ picks online via your Blogabet blog or set it up so they are emailed to you automatically. It is also possible to have them notified via SMS but this requires a purchase of SMS credits.


Trustworthy Tipster Sites full tips and results history

The following list of tipster sites provide a full disclosure of the tips history of all their tipsters but do not have integrated bookmakers odds or automated results reconciliation.
BETTINGGODS : tipsters undergo stringent 16 week vetting

Bettinggods has a stable of 17 tipsters covering many different sports. Eight horseracing tipsters, 3 football tipsters and others covering golf, tennis, boxing, cricket and greyhound racing.

They actively manage this list to ensure customers only get the best of what they have to offer. Under-performing tipsters are removed if they have three consecutive losing months. But they can return if they make a solid recovery. To make it onto this list new tipsters have to undergo a stringent 4 months vetting.

The Bettinggods set-up has a lot of manual elements to it and is not as integrated as Tipstrrr.

The tipster sends an email to Bettinggods that contains the details of the tips – the date, the event, the pick and the odds that can be found available from at least two or more bookmakers. The choice of bookmakers is entirely left to the tipster.

The Bettinggods system automatically forwards this email to all the tipster’s subscribers and, sometime later, the Bettinggods support team manually update the tipster’s google spreadsheet with the details of the tips and the results. The spreadsheet recalculates the on-going stats on Strike Rates and Return on Investment etc.and can be accessed from the tipster’s page on the Bettinggods website.

  • Extensive Vetting: Every Betting Gods tipster undergoes astringent 16-week vetting period before they go public on the network
  • Attainable Results: Bettinggods guarantee that odds are available with at least 2 bookies. They don’t take BOG prices and do include Rule 4 deductions
  • Cancel Anytime: “Only happy if you’re happy” –  so if you want to cancel then just let them know and they’ll do so with no questions asked
  • Industry Leading Support: They provide support via email, live chat and through the member’s area giving you plenty of ways to get in contact
  • Founded in 2014: Bettinggods have been around long enough that there’s no fear of them vanishing with your money and leaving you with no tips
  • Not Hidden Away: Betting Gods is a public company with head offices in Malta – not hiding away behind a computer screen
TIPSTERSTREET : gruelling 6-month proofing and trialling

Tipsterstreet is a tipster platform offering professional & profitable tipsters covering a wide range of sports, from horse racing to basketball.

Their professional tipsters come through a gruelling proofing process before they are considered for a position on the Tipsterstreet platform.

Selection into the Tipsterstreet stable is a 2 stage process. In stage 1 tipsters will initially proof tips for 3-6 months before a decision is made to keep or remove them from the proofing process. Successful tipsters endure a further 3-months trialling period when their tips go live to the betting world. All trialist tipsters’ tips are available to view each day on the free tips proofing area of the website.

All Tipsterstreet tipsters advise prices to the main well-known bookmakers –  Bet365, Betfred, BetVictor, Coral, Hills, Ladbrokes & Paddy Power. These bookmakers all offer Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG). They also use one exchange bookmaker, this is Betfair.

Tipster Sites AVOID List

This is a list of tipster sites that failed scrutiny and should be avoided. Click on the tipster site name to read the full audit details and discover the discrepancies, deception and mistakes.
BETFANPLUS : invalid and incorrect records

From the website

Betfanplus is the UK’S biggest Tipster management platform and we manage some of the very best professional tipsters in the business.
We are a dedicated team of professionals who can spice up your betting career with an extensive range of proven tipping services.
The team are committed to spicing up your sports betting activity and bringing a buzz to your world with some brilliant free and premium services that cover a great range of sports.

Our mission is simple… To Make Your Betting Experience Better! We connect novice bettors and even more experienced bettors with expert tipsters, who provide professional tips and advice on the sport of their expertise.

5 Nov’18:  On-going Review and Scrutiny of Betfanplus

Scrutiny of this site is on-going but here’s what I’ve found so far.

From the list of 60 tipsters promoted on the front page of Betfanplus I randomly selected horse tipster “Racing Delights”, to sample the quality of record keeping.

I quickly found a few discrepancies on this tipsters records alone but I will double check on a couple of other tipsters to confirm if there is a trend here.

Discrepancy 1 – Racing Delights:
23Sep’18: 17:00 Plumpton – Top Chief was paired with two other horses in two doubles.
Top Chief was a non-runner but one of the doubles was recorded as a WIN with a profit of 30 points

Discrepancy 2 – Racing Delights:
21Jul’18: Market Rasen double – 13:35 Stole the Show with 14:05 L’Inganno Felice. Stake was 5.00 and Odds were recorded as 2.0.
Stole The Show WON at 5/6 SP and L’Inganno Felice WON at 8/1 SP.

A 5 point bet would have returned 82.50 points  – a profit of 77.50 points. The return was recorded as 105.00.
Its unlikely the advised odds would have been 2.00 and changed so significantly.
It interesting to note that the Odds recorded in the tips records seldom match with real-world odds.

Discrepancy 3 – Racing Delights:
17Jun’18: Downpatrick Double – 15:30 Ravenhill with 16:30 Count Simon.
Count Simon WON at 9/4SP Ravenhill WON at 6/4SP both odds-on favourites.
The record shows a stake of 3 points, odds of 4.50 and a return of 40.88 points which is mathematically incorrect.
At SP the double would have returned 24.38 on a 3 point stake.

PROFESSIONALSPORTSPICKS : multiple inconsistencies and promises of guaranteed profits

From the Professionalsportpicks  tipster website

A Better Way to Find a Sports Handicapper
When Professional Sports Picks was founded, the idea was simple: to provide a way for customers to compare sports handicappers and find the one (or ones) that best fit their needs.

As soon as the Internet exploded, literally hundreds of handicapping services started popping up left and right. How was anyone supposed to know who was legitimately good at picking winners and who was just blowing smoke? That’s where we come in!

We start by vetting each service and making sure they are able to provide their customers with quality selections. Many of our handicappers have been in the industry for decades, but we do find excellent new up-and-comers as well.

At we have done our best to make your process of choosing a handicapper as easy as possible. We provide up-to-date leaderboards and the best historical trends for every expert on the site. The goal is to educate our customers so that they can make the best possible choices.

Independent, Accurate Record-Keeping
It was important to us to establish an automated and independent way to track the records and results for every single handicapper. In this way we can give our customers an honest and accurate snapshot of just how good these services are performing. As a partner on the SportsCapping network, you can feel confident that all records are 100% accurate and verified.

Once a capper enters a pick in our system, it is locked in and cannot be changed. We publish the results of every handicapper from the previous day so that you know each and every customer receives the exact same picks.

While many of our handicappers do provide their own ratings system, we have chosen to assign the same value to every pick entered into the our system. Free picks are excluded from records, but every premium pick entered is graded on an equal 100 unit scale. This provides customers with a clearer picture of performance than allowing handicappers to assign more units to their picks. As an added bonus, we do track those picks that are listed as “Top Plays” for all handicappers, but these picks are still only worth 100 units each.

Industry Transparency is Good for Everyone!
Handicappers have gotten a bum rap over the years. We can see why. Years of silver-tongued swindlers promising unrealistic results backed by exaggerated numbers have all but conditioned customers to be dubious of anyone selling their picks. Those short-sighted scammers are not the type of handicapper you’ll find at That way of doing business is over. Those guys still exist in the industry, but even your average sports bettor is too smart to fall for their false promises anymore.

Providing accurate records and realistic goals to customers is the only way to move forward and establish a good business relationship. It harms both parties if handicappers falsify information. Sure, someone might be lured in initially, but if they soon find out the capper’s claims were false, that business is lost forever. That is a terrible business model. It takes a lot more of an investment to obtain a new customer than it does to keep one. We want your business long-term, which is why we will never give you exaggerated or false records for any handicapper, ever.

Review date: November 2018 states “ was created to help bettors make money by betting on sports. Nearly all of the handicappers on our site guarantee their packages and subscriptions so that you either profit or else you will be compensated with a subscription of equal time free of charge. We do not offer a money back policy…”

Winning appears to be guaranteed on this site. All tipsters make a profit on all sports they cover. However, there are inconsistencies hidden in the details that expose the glossy cover of this website.

The domain name was originally created in 2001. It looked nothing like the current site and they “only offer our services through the privacy and convenience of the E-mail”. It remained like this until 2016 when it was sold on afternic.
The domain professionalsportpicks was registered again on 8th Jan 2017 and the structure of site you see today was put in place.

Looking at the top tipsters in the leaderboards I selected three at random Teddy Davis Basketball Picks; Jeff Alexander NFL Sides Picks and Matt Fargo NHL Money Lines Picks.

Teddy Davis Basketball records and Matt Fargo records both start in 2015 – that’s 2 years before the site was created. Jeff Alexander records start in 2013 a full 4 years before the site created.

The front page promises all the picks are guaranteed to profit with the statement “The premium PICKS ARE AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY upon purchase/release, both in your browser and your email. All Picks are GUARANTEED TO PROFIT”.

In addition to premium picks they will email you free picks if you signup. However its interesting that they state “Free picks are excluded from records“. Why? This suggests the free picks you get in your email are not any tipsters premium picks since they’re “guaranteed to profit”. Free tips would not, therefore, be “guaranteed” to win but I’m sure, once you’re on their mailing list, they’ll regularly tell you if you sign up to the premium services that would all change.

They state they have a “world class roster built up of 50 OF THE BEST PROFESSIONAL SPORTS HANDICAPPERS IN THE WORLD,...”. And that appears to be so. Looking at the recorded results you will see that ALL tipsters are profitable in ALL sports! Believable? By the way, there are only 47 tipsters, not 50, but 50 is a nice round number so I’m OK with that.

How did the tips histories stand up to scrutiny?

I copied the details of all the leaderboards into an Excel spreadsheet for my analysis. Here’s what I found.

There are 10 sports covered by the tipsters. All the main American sports, basketball, baseball, hockey etc.

10 of the 47 tipsters cover 7 or more of the 10 sports. Two tipsters do 2 and the other 34 tipsters cover between 3 and 6 sports each. So there doesn’t appear to be much specialisation.

Tipster Kyle Hunter

One tipster, Kyle Hunter, covers the most sports and provides tips for 8 of the 10 sports and is profitable in ALL 8. He doesn’t do hockey or soccer.

Tipster PJ Pemberton

Only one tipster, TJ Pemberton, appears to specialise and covers the single sport of Major League Baseball (MLB). All of TJ’s tips to date this year have been on MLB. However, the page that lists all the sports handicappers and includes their photos presents a different story.

It shows TJ Pemberton’s photo with the following text beside it “College Football 3-Pack ONLY $30 **#1 ranked NFL in 2016-17** 3-Day Pass Also Discounted! Act Now – Win Now!“.

The statement that you can purchase TJ’s College Football pack for only $30 is interesting since the only picks he has done since this year began have been on Major League Baseball.

Tipster Calvin King

I found similar issues with tipster Calvin King.

Calvin King’s promotional text beside his photo stated “Monday’s premium winners are locked and loaded! Do not wait another second – get in before these lines move! [4 picks now available – 2 CBB, 1 NFL, 1 NHL]”. In 2018 Calvin has only tipped in CFB, football, MLB and NBA. He’s now promoting four tips in 3 sports he hasn’t touched this year so far!

Tipster Jim Feist

Jim Feist has a similar problem. Promotional text reads “Jim Feist ended on a 23-7 NFL run. He also had a 192-143 baseball run to end last season, including 80-36 with High Rollers, + 63-41 college basketball run, current 91-53 in the NBA, #1 in NHL on this website.”
Jims tipping records show he covers 5 sports. Unfortunately, NFL isn’t one of them, neither is NBA and to top it off neither is NHL the sport he is “#1 for on this website”.

Tipster Bobby Conn

The (aptly named) tipster Bobby Conn caught my eye.
Bobby says “Today’s card is now posted as I look to continue padding your pockets with extra cash! Now on a 59-46 run with my last 108 NFL picks!”
I clicked over to the Bobby Conn sales page to find the first of several Premium Packages for sale.
“100* Giants/49ers Syndicate Play! As always, this play comes GUARANTEED! **#9 ranked Overall in 2012** **#5 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!**
Bobby Conn is on an impressive 57-45 (56%) run over his last 105 NFL picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $8,430 since November 19, 2017 with his spread on Giants v. 49ers!”.

There’s that “GUARANTEED” word again.

Looking at the NFL leaderboard on the site Booby’s name doesn’t appear in the list of 26 NFL tipsters. The worst performing tipster on this list was “Info Plays” who only made $14 profit with a 52.4% Strike Rate. Bobby ” is on an impressive … 56%”, much better than bottom-listed Info Plays, but he didn’t make it onto the list?

In conclusion:
At this stage, I think I have enough information to declare this as one to avoid.
The website is well constructed and looks professional and on the face of it, contains what seem to be extensive tips and results records. Its a very credible looking tipster website, however, there are several red flags:

  • tipping records on the site pre-date the website by up to 4 years
  • the word “guaranteed” is used widely across the site inferring you’re always going to win
  • most tipsters provide tips for most sports. And ALL tipsters are profitable in ALL the sports they provide tips for
  • tipsters are promoted for having a successful history of tipping in sports they do not provide tips for
  • sport-specific packages are offered for purchase from tipsters who do not cover that specific sport

For these reasons, I’m placing into the AVOID category.

PROFITTIPSTERS : They guarantee success of at least 105%
From the Profittipsters tipster site

“Profittipsters is the name chosen precisely because our ultimate goal, to make as much Profit as we can. It will be possible with my carefully selected Tipsters, I’m sure of that.
I am hiring Tipsters according to very strict criteria and believe that my criteria are not easy to met.

Only The best Tipsters with high skill level and success will have the opportunity to work with me and be able to operate on this site as a professional Tipster so you will have time to select between our quality Tipsters.

Tipsters preview about selected matches for me personally mean nothing. I saw they do that on other sites, but most of them are copied from different sites, forums, etc.. Preview could be perfect, but Pick Lost so For me most important is WIN Pick and not a preview about Selected match.

Using our services, you do not have to worry about winning bets. That will be our Tipsters job!

I have 15-20 years experience in sports betting and Iknow in detail all about betting, what is important and what is not, time will be an indicator of what I’m saying.

What is most important, we are not a scammers like many others all over the net. All our matches are Verified by Secret Betting Club and MyBigPartner verification services.

I assure you by choosing Profittipsters you will not be disappointed which will be grown in long-term cooperation with us. In this case, we will all be happy.”

Review Date: November 2018.

I looked firstly on the pricing page. Pricing was €20 for 7 days rising to €140 for 3 months. But what struck me was for each level of pricing there was a “Guaranteed success”. The 7 days of service guaranteed you 110% success. The 3 months service guaranteed 105% success.

Everyone knows or at least should know, there are no guarantees in the tipster business. Whether that’s over 7 days or 7000 days.

From a legal perspective, the Committee of Advertising Practice’s (CAP) advertising codes states that tipsters ‘should not state or imply that success is “guaranteed” ‘.

This “guarantee” therefore is sufficient enough to relegate to the AVOID category.

However, I was intrigued by the reference to verification service MyBigPartner so I checked it out.

On the Verification Service page Profittipsters appears listed as of 17-Apr-2014 costing €40 per month for various sports tips. Unfortunately, MyBigPartner has a list of “Active Tipsters” and Profittipsters does NOT appear on that active list.

How trustworthy MyBigPartner is I do not know but profittipsters is claiming independent verification which doesn’t exist.

Guaranteeing profit and claiming non-existent independent verification puts profittipsters into the AVOID category.

TIPSTERPLATFORMS : A lack of tip history and results seem to predominate on this site

Tipsterplatforms operates as administrators for the premier sports tipping services in the country.

Our expertise and knowledge in this area ensures that you, the customer, only receive the best information available. For your reassurance we monitor all communication between our tipsters and you, the customer, to ensure our codes of practice are met.

After years of experience, planning and careful consideration we have appraised many tipping services to ensure only the best tipsters are invited to join Tipsterplatforms. We ensure all our tipsters operate in an ethical and moral manner, and uphold to our code of practice.

We lead the field in technology, providing information directly to your mobile phone, email, web interface or a dedicated phone service, and provide unquestionably the best and secure payment facilities in the country. All data is encrypted to provide the highest security available.

As managers to our tipsters, we provide 24/7 cover for all customer service enquiries to ensure that you receive a prompt response and your query is answered without delay.

We provide the core services relating to e-commerce, web design, hosting, telecommunications, payments, newspaper and media advertising, and support. Furthermore, we are the only organisation that can offer a £50 free credit to new Betfair customers.

Our pioneering team of developers and designers to ensure cutting-edge technology and enterprise, enabling your betting experience to be enjoyable and hassle-free.

Experience the thrill of sports betting with the elite tipsters in the UK, knowing that our customer service is second to none.

After months of successful development and testing, Tipster Platforms was launched in 2010 to provide Horse Racing tipping services with a new and unique approach to their business.

This has quite simply revolutionised the way tipsters can operate and firmly takes the business into the 21st century!

Tipster Platforms enables clients to gain a leading edge over the opposition, using the latest state of the art technology secured by Comodo SSL security.

Through our expertise, passion and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver an unrivalled experience for our clients, sustainable growth for the business and can guarantee honesty and integrity at all times.

Such has been the interest from leading tipsters that we are now one of the fastest growing horse racing tipster service providers in the UK to such esteemed clients as Paul Jacobs, Darren Croft and Derek Thompson.

We can rightfully claim to be leading the way in providing Horse Racing tipping services and aim to stay at the forefront of innovation.

You will find using Tipster Platforms a refreshing change. We firmly believe in helping our customers to succeed in their business, and by providing the best possible services, coupled with great advice and support, we really can make a difference to your business.

Tipsterplatforms work together with the top UK and European Horse Racing Tipsters, giving our customers a leading edge in making a profit.

Join us now and benefit from the Industry leading technologies that are helping to make us one of the UKs fastest growing Horse Racing tipster services.
Be assured that by teaming up with us you will benefit from a secure industry leading environment, an increased customer base and ultimately, increased profits.

All our tipsters have been vetted to our ethical criteria, social responsibility and behavior accordance with the listed governing bodies below

Review date: November 2018

The first stumble by this website was that final sentence on their “About Us” page  – “All our tipsters have been vetted … in accordance with the listed governing bodies below”. There was no list of governing bodies below. Perhaps they just didn’t get round to typing this information in but perhaps they mean the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP).

They provide 19 tipster services in all. Nine are SMS services and the other 10 are email based.
I chose Pro Gamble, Four from the Gods and Paul Jones Racing for investigation.

Pro Gamble
This costs a reasonably affordable £27 per month which is generally in line with industry norms.
However, I needed to act quickly because “Places will be limited to only 300 members to help protect the prices”.
I did find a history of tips. However, the history only went back as far as 5th Dec 2017 – 169 tips in total –  a small number.

The Strike Rate was a believable 25% and profit was minus £266. That’s an ROI of -19% to his advised odds or -14% to SP.
While not good results they do at least look open and honest.

Unfortunately, this tipster service is promoted with words “This service truly is high class. You will get a stream of winners from approx. 5-7 bets per week.”. The 5 -7 bets per week is correct but there is obviously no stream of winners.

Four From The Gods
This service works by a Pay as you go and costs just £5 per day.
“Four From the GODS is the original LUCKY 15 pro-betting service that will keep you ticking over with winners, but – more importantly – also give you a weekly chance of a lottery-style payout!”
The information on this tipsters page shows a previous “MONSTER PAYOUT” Bey365 bet slip for £3,961.35 from 27th Feb 2016. A bit long ago but a great winning bet.

With this tipster service, there is no tips and no results history – just the SIGN UP button. When I clicked the sign-up button the displayed page was blank with just the text “Unable to connect to database”. This suggests a poorly maintained website.

Paul Jones Racing
For this tipster, I went straight for “Sign Up Today” button. It routed me to PJ Horse racing payment page. So at least it was working. I could now Save £100! Join now for £195 – all festivals for the whole season.
There was no history of tips and results provided for Paul Jones Racing.

Paul Jones has his own web site and is a respected figure in the horse racing and betting industry. On his site, the sign-up fees are £500 more at £695.

A lack of tip history and results seem to predominate on this site. The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) codes state “Betting tipsters who want to claim either that they have predicted winners in the past or that they have returned a profit for their clients over a stated period must “proof” their advice with an independent body.”. On this basis, I’m placing Tipsterplatforms in the AVOID category.

Tipster Sites under review

Tipster sites that have been suggested for review.

BETTINGEXPERT : the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters promotes itself as “the world’s biggest social network of sports betting tipsters”.

Their global community of expert tipsters share their thoughts on upcoming matches to help other sports bettors place bets with the best odds available from a variety of bookmakers.

Site content includes:

  • in-depth bookmaker reviews
  • how-to guides for betting on a wide range of sports
  • stats based articles for upcoming matches
  • Betting Academy that teaches everything from the fundamentals of betting to establishing a strong betting portfolio
BETADVISOR : provide solutions and services to tipsters, punters, media companies and bookmakers - established 2010

From the website Betadvisor tipster site

“ provides professional sports betting advice. Our advisors specialise in on of the following sports: football, horse racing, basketball, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, handball, rugby or American football. Established in 2010, our company has a history of success and has truly gone from strength to strength.

Bet Advisor is a brand of Top Advisor, a global leader in understanding and leveraging the power of sports content for its clients around the world. We provide solutions and services to tipsters, punters, media companies and bookmakers.

We have a proven record of providing exceptional services to its clients. Our company is growing quickly and we are happy to call ourselves a market leader in such an exciting and fast-paced industry.

Our achievements are built around the talents of our employees. We like to think that despite the diverse background of the people who work at Bet Advisor , there is one thing we have in common: passion for our work.

We are a truly international organisation, employing over 30 full-time staff in 5 locations around the world, with a large number of advisors based in every corner of the globe. Our rapid growth is driven by technological innovation and a deep understanding of our clients’ business needs.

Behind the scenes, we have a team of people that make things come to life; a team who work tirelessly to build and develop every aspect of the BetAdvisor vision. We are people who have an unrivalled passion for sport, and follow its principles in our daily lives. We are people who represent ourselves as worthy professionals in the fields of information technology, sports, marketing, software development and beyond.

Our main purpose is to provide the best possible professional service, with the utmost dedication, at all times. The rigorousness of the selection process of our tipsters is one of our main principles. We only work with the best. This is a fundamental condition in order to keep our promises to our users.

It is our commitment to excellent service, quality and reliability that makes us the trusted partner of more than 65,000 customers in over 80 countries. We occupy a unique position at the intersection of the sports, media and betting industries.

We are the leading provider of tipster services to the betting industry. With our extensive portfolio of Tipsters, we offer round-the-clock coverage of 9 sports.

Our focus on technology and innovation has made us a premium partner for punters, offering sports content solutions for online and mobile customers.”

BETBLOG : advices, analyses, informative statistics and your betting experience will become much easier and more profitable
From the Betblog  tipster site

“Betblog is your path to the quality of betting. We are doing our best to provide you as much help as possible. Grow a habit to check our top tipsters advices, analyses, informative statistics and your betting experience will become much easier and more profitable. We also provide a punters ranking system which allows bettors to evaluate value of predictions.”

BETRUSH : Detailed preview and analysis of picks and all important info

Betrush provides free betting picks and tips on all popular sports as football / soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey and more by hundreds of skilled tipsters every day. Picks are not just a plain prediction for the result but also containing a detailed preview and analysis of the game with all important info and hint for the best odds available at the online bookmakers, so as complete stats and records of the tipster behind the pick. You can also follow the scores in real time on our livescore page, use our betting calculators, find the best free bets, welcome bonuses and reviews of dozens bookmakers and sportsbooks on the net.

BETTINGRUNNER : Over 1000 daily predictions Over 150K global tipsters

Bettingrunner is the only online marketplace where tipsters around the world can offer their betting predictions free or for sale, on sporting event and also users can subscribe to the predictions of the tipsters to win their bets.

What can I do with BettingRunner

  • Get more than 1000 daily predictions
  • Write predictions for more than 200K sport events
  • Compare the best odds among the best bookmakers
  • Get the betting advice from more than 150K global tipsters
  • Know who is the strongest tipster of the month
  • Win your bets thanks to the advice of the tipsters
  • Improve your betting strategies

Why should I use BettingRunner
1. To win money with your bets
2. To increase the chances of winning with accurate tips
3. To save time making the betting tips
4. To get the betting advice from more than one tipster at a time
5. To follow the best tipsters in the world
6. To make money by selling your own sports tips
7. Most of all, to ease your life with our betting tips!

BETPREPARE : subscription allows you to get all the tips from all the tipsters

Betprepare has been a gathering point for 24 professional tipsters since September of 2013. All of our tipsters have years of experience in betting and publishing tips. They are experts specialized in certain sports (competitions), who write tips for Betprepare and previews for the regional site (launched in October of 2011 and later used as a starting point for Betprepare). Unlike other web sites which sell individual tipsters, our subscription allows you to get all the tips from all the tipsters.

BETVIZ : Free for a lifetime if you don’t make profit

From Betviz


Earn more money using expert‘s tips
We know how hard it is to find betting tips you can trust. That’s why we provide the most transparent service with detailed statistics about every tipster.
Each of our betting experts is required to publish their betting tips at least 30 minutes before the sports match starts. Once published, they cannot be removed. Our fully automated system evaluates the tips periodically and calculates multiple statistics to show you the real performance of the tipster.

Save 100% of research/decision time
Researching huge amounts of matches takes a lot of time. Relax. Our experts do it for you.
Thanks to tips from our experts you save time to do what you really love. Have a pint with your friends, watch a film or spend some quality time with your family. Let our experts do their job to bring you the best possible betting tips.

Free for a lifetime if you don’t make a profit
Shit happens and rarely even our experts can have a bad month.
We value our customers so if any month ends without a profit for you, you get our service for free for a lifetime. A pretty sweet deal, isn’t it?

Build a worldwide expert reputation
Being a successful tipster is good. Growing to world-renowned betting expert is great!
BETviz operates worldwide having visitors from more than 100 countries. Your expertise gets to people from all over the world. We are here to help you grow from GOOD to GREAT.

Earn money by publishing your tips
Researching sports matches is like a full-time job. We pay you for that job.
Doing good research and providing profitable tips takes a lot of time and energy. By publishing your tips on BETviz you may be followed by our customers which in turn brings you up to 50% of their subscription price. The more profitable you are, the more followers you engage, the more money you make.

No-anger tips management
Unlike other similar providers, we tuned the process of adding sport tips to perfection.
Adding tips to BETviz is as smooth as it can be. No more hand filling forms, no more frustration with unresponsive websites, no more waiting until somebody evaluates your tips by hand. BETviz is fully automatized and we work hard every day to make it even better.



KICKOFF : the world’s first crowd betting community of successful football bettors from around the world.

Kickoff is the world’s first crowd betting community and your key to football betting success.

Originally set up to act as an aid to football betting, making use of a specially-created algorithm to generate a variety of football betting tips, the site has grown into a community of successful football bettors from around the world.

Each match and competition is treated the same way by our algorithm, ensuring are predictions and statistics are as accurate for the Premier League as they are for the Turkish Super Lig. Our aim is to present football statistics in a way that appeals to both the casual and serious punter, providing each of them with the tools needed to make an informed betting decision.

We want to present football statistics in a way that appeals to both the casual and serious punter, providing each of them with the tools needed to make an informed betting decision.

The site is continually evolving as we add more leagues and betting markets – although offering free football tips remains at the heart of our offering.

Odds are provided from several leading bookmakers, with the process of making a bet as simple as possible. Our smart bet slip calculates accumulated odds for bet selections and compares prices between bookies, as well as integrating with their sites to make placing a bet seamless and easy.

Although studying our information prior to placing a bet is no guarantee of success, it should certainly offer some valuable insight.

MRFIXITSTIPS : one of the most vibrant, well informed and helpful betting communities on the web

From Mrfixitstips
Welcome to my exciting new website that promises to bring you the best tips and betting news every day of the week. I’ve been writing football tips for the Daily Record, Scotland’s biggest newspaper, for more than 20 years.

I launched as a small project in 2010 to give me a platform to provide daily tips to punters on the internet. Since then the site has grown beyond my wildest expectations. In the past 12 months more than 1.3 million people have visited the site and I’m proud to say that we have one of the most vibrant, well informed and helpful betting communities on the web.

Having outgrown the old site – it was five years old – my new site aims to harness the power of that community by making it easier to follow your favourite tipsters, by giving you more scope to discuss all kinds of bets in all kinds of sports and to bring you loads of added features that any online community worth it’s salt should have.

For a small fee you can gain access to even more tips, participate in my Betting Club, access exclusive competitions and if you sign-up for a year you can even claim a £10 FREE bet!

You can still read my columns in the Record’s Punter section every Saturday and on the football pages in midweek but log on to this site for even more tips.

And remember, if you have any queries or gripes with a bookie I’ll let you know where you stand and try to help out if I feel you’ve been treated unfairly. Name them and shame them, that’s my game.

Mr Fixit

PICKMONITOR : an independent sports monitor that allows users to pay a fee to sell their tips and keep 100% of the profits

From Pickmonitor

Pickmonitor was started by Patrick in April of 2010 with the idea that a monitor focusing on transparency, advanced stats and ease-of-use would be a welcomed addition to the industry. It was bought by Michael in October 2017.

And let’s face it: the sports tipping industry is depressing. You probably already know this, but to make a point we’d like you to leave for a second and go search for “tipsters” on Twitter. If the majority of those profiles don’t make you want to vomit in your mouth then we concede defeat right now. Please hit the “back” button on your browser. We won’t even try to get your business.

That queasy feeling you just got from looking at those Twitter profiles? You won’t get that here. That’s not to say that we won’t try to paint pretty pictures for you. Of course we will. We sell a service and we need people to buy that service in order to keep our business afloat. The difference with us, though, is that transparency is the focal point of our sales pitch.

No, really.

Aside from having a strong desire not to be complete ass-hats, there’s a surprising monetary benefit to our transparency. 90% of sports-pick buyers may indeed fall for the shady, dirty, makes-you-want-to-vomit-in-your-mouth too-good-to-be-true nonsense (read: that is our “competition”. But 10% don’t. And how many sites cater to that 10% seeking transparency above breathtaking results? Not many.

By going out of our way to be unrivalled in our transparency we are trusting that there is some small part of humanity that is above the lies. We rely on that small part of humanity to pay our bills, and so far it’s working. And if it ever stops working, screw it. We’d rather go the way of MySpace (oh wait, that might technically still exist, but you get the point) then join the dirtbags.

Our business model? We’re not a tipping service. We’re an independent sports monitor that allows users to pay a fee to sell their tips and keep 100% of the profits. Any handicapper who doesn’t choose to sell his tips agrees to have his tips included in our tip packages. The majority of our users are free users. That’s cool with us. We’ll put some “upgrade” links various places on the site but we’ll never call you. We’ll never hard sell you. If being a free member is best for you then so be it.

We’re founded on the basis of actually increasing your chance of winning as opposed to selling you bullshit and we’re run by a super nerdy, data-loving computer scientist. Resulting is a tracking service whose attention to detail and statistical insight is simply better than that of the competition. We analyze the snot out of tips and tipsters to give you as much info as humanlycomputerly possible. From there, after giving you instant access to every piece of data from every user on the site, we leave things up to you.

PRO-TIPSTERS : a commercial website that present and proof Pro Tipsters who want to sells betting advice

From this tipsters website

Pro-tipsters is a website where Pro Tipsters present there Tips. There are three Levels of Tipsters. Tipsters In Trial (all the tips and analysis are free to everybody ) , Rookie Tipsters ( Tipsters who make nice records at the trial period ) and Pro Tipsters ( Tipsters with nice results through the trial period and through the period they give tips as Rookie tipsters).

We work hard and we try to build the best Tipsters Team all over the world.”

PYCKIO : find the top Tipsters worldwide in every sport, follow them and improve your betting results

Pyckio is the new international Sports Betting community where you will be able to find the top Tipsters worldwide in every sport, follow them and improve your betting results. We’re NOT a Bookmaker.  If you think you could be one of them, just submit your picks in our platform and you can become a PRO Tipster. Our algorithm will determine who are the best experts. The top Tipsters will earn 50% of the revenue they generate. If you become a PRO Tipster, the more subscribers you have the more money you will make.”


“The Smart Betting Club is an independent and honest reviewer and assessor of tipster services.

We have proofed and analysed thousands of tipster services, with the very best reviewed in our regular ‘SBC Magazines’, where we explore in great detail just how profitable they actually are.

Each tipster is rated and ranked on everything from their profitability and customer service to how easy it is to obtain their advised odds. The very best and most genuinely profitable tipsters are then listed in our ‘Hall of Fame’.

We constantly track and monitor these very best tipsters and feedback to our members on their ongoing progress with tipster league tables, ratings, charts and analysis in our ‘Tipster Profit Reports’. Enabling you to keep up to date on the best performing tipsters.

The Smart Betting Club’s remit has expanded to cover anything and everything that matters to keen gamblers – be it by tackling issues such as account restrictions, reviewing bookmakers or simply by being a trusted source for genuinely unbiased ‘punter-friendly’ information.

We are proud to be different and fiercely protective of the people we represent – you the ordinary punter.

Here is why you can trust the Smart Betting Club:

1. We Are 100% Independent

Unlike almost all other tipster review sites we are 100% independent, ensuring we take no affiliate deals, bungs or favours for writing positive reviews. This enables you to have full confidence that when we say something is good, it genuinely is and we are writing with your best interests at heart.

Rather than take a cut or a percentage of any sales of any service we review, instead the Smart Betting Club service is funded by members subscriptions. It is a fully transparent model so as a member you know our reviews and recommendations are always 100% genuine.

2. We Look Long-Term

Everything we do is focused on making long-term profits, which is why you will never see us recommend a tipster based on short-term stats or hot streaks of form. Instead we look to what can be made over the long-term, usually at least 12 months and a large enough set of stats to draw firm conclusions from.

It is one reason the average length of time it takes for a tipster to win an SBC ‘Hall of Fame’ recommendation currently stands at over 3 years. We value longevity in a tipster.

3. We Are On The Punters Side

Because we are funded by our members, it also ensures we are fully on the side of the punter and can speak the truth about the betting industry. Many betting newspapers, websites and media outlets are funded by bookmaker advertising and so are unable to be truly on the punters side. They are compromised by their need for bookmaker revenue.

The Smart Betting Club is 100% independent and does not rely upon or carry bookmaker advertising in our reports, so you can be assured we are firmly on the punters side.”


From the tipster website

“Sharkbetz provides access to premium content generated by our service through the Website and email newsletter. Access is based on subscription model. Premium content consists of predictions of future results of sport events and advice (tips) on how and where to place a bet in order to win.

Our unique algorithm generates content based on statistics and news analysis. does not take money by gambling. does not accept any form of gambling, betting or wagering. is just an advisory service. Any information published by is for informational and entertainment purposes only. is not responsible for any win, loss or damage for the user, either direct or indirect, as a result of using this information for gambling or betting.”

SOCCERTIPSTERS.NET: 'best Soccer Tipsters Predictions from all over the world'

Extract from

“Soccertipsters is a tipster network company that conveys the best Soccer Tipsters Predictions from all over the world. If you join as our member, you will be in a place to use the professional and genuine statistics source and betting tips for soccer predictions. As a best soccer prediction site in the world, we assure to offer you the high-class and trustworthy information related to the soccer matches. We assist how to place soccer bets and football predictions that allow you to make the profit from our best soccer prediction sites ever.

As best soccer prediction website in the world, we assure to offer you high-class and trustworthy information related to the soccer matches. You know that sometimes you go over the top about a soccer match and couldn’t think clearly afterward?

How about we help you to place soccer bets and best soccer tipsters that will not only save you the headaches but also allow you to make the profit with the help of our expert soccer tipster’s team.

As most reliable soccer prediction sites to get a long-term success in soccer betting, is your success story- for now and the future. That’s why we’re still the accurate soccer prediction sites betting advisor till this day!

If you haven’t heard about it, our top soccer prediction sites are also nominated to give the finest sports betting advice to soccer punters and online business investors! That means if you’re new to the market, or maybe a prevailing or even seasoned punter, you know that you will be in good hands when it comes to improving your profit with 100% verified soccer tipsters.

We know plenty of people who are trapped by fake tipsters, leading to their losses in sports betting. Definitely, a painful encounter to be in that position.

So to minimize these risks for your optimal betting experience, we’ve got a solution for you to safeguard against these fake tipsters and beat their scheming system.

Soccer betting can be fun but safety is your priority!
But, can you trust Soccertipsters which counted as the best soccer prediction website in the world. As top soccer prediction sites, our website and statistical layout are designed according to your needs. We ensure that it’s user-friendly, so evaluating and comparing tips are fast and easy for you on Soccer Tipsters Predictions.

Every purchase at Soccertipsters comes with a double replacement guaranteed system and single replacement for the draw, postponed or cancelled the game. So you can have peace of mind!

It takes us 2 months to develop our system and after much efforts and trial run and the database just keeps expanding all through words of mouth.

Don’t take our word for it. Test us today! No obligations whatsoever.”

I reviewed
in November 2018.
There are a couple of immediate red flags about this site, In their About page they class themselves as “the best soccer prediction website in the world” and secondly, the high cost of buying their tipsters tips.

That was quickly followed by a couple of slip-ups which convinced me this was a website to avoid.

Slip Up No.1:
Again in their About page, they quote “ is your success story- for now and the future.” .net? I thought they were .dot com. Are they connected? Maybe one was “copied” from the other? Perhaps they run two sites – one as a kind of backup for the other?
Let me discount very quickly. It didn’t take much investigation to find out that is untrustworthy.

On all “tipsters” have a strike rate of over 85%. One tipster,, is tagged as “highroller” has a strike rate of over 93%. That’s amazing or should I say very difficult to believe. But his tips cost an eye-watering $9,500 (nine thousand five hundred dollars!). Yes I know it makes you laugh, doesn’t it.

Slip Up No.2
A more detailed look at a random sample of three of individual “tipsters” revealed significant inconsistencies:
Tipster The domain name was registered on 3rd Jul 2017 but its tips records start on 1st Feb 2015 – that’s over 2 years earlier. How is it possible to keep a record of tips on a website that doesn’t exist?
Tipster The domain name was created on 6th July 2017 but its tips records start, again over 2 years earlier, on 1st March 2015.
Tipster The domain was created on the 18th Nov 2016 but tips records start on the 1st March 2015.

To attempt to bolster their credibility even has its own “blacklisted websites” section. Both and are on it. – definitely one to avoid


From Thefootytipster 

“Hello there! I’m not like other tipsters on the Internet because I try to educate the punters rather than just lead them on like a shepherd does to sheep. That’s not a desperate cry for recognition as being unique; it’s just how it is. I write previews to show you all why I think what I do and that’s very important to me. In my view, a tip can be correct but unlucky, if that makes sense, and I get more mental satisfaction from that than I do from giving out a bad tip and it winning, although wins are obviously what count in this game. In order to attain any luck whatsoever in the betting world, you have to at least be on the right track with what you’re saying and what you’re doing. The rest is down to Lady Luck, I’m afraid, and sometimes she can be a bit of a bitch! I don’t bet for a living myself, but I do bet regularly, especially in-play, so you’re not alone in your frustrations if any of the tips don’t win, I assure you!

Football – well, I’ve been into football since I was four years old and from that time I have been an actual genuine supporter of Manchester United. Where I live is just outside Manchester so I’m at least relatively qualified to support them! Before I suffer a tirade of abuse, I would like to point out that I am a season ticket holder and have been for many years! There’s only one other team I support to a remotely similar degree that I do Manchester United and that is Athletic Club de Bilbao. I admire them and their ethos as well as enjoying their football. Those are effectively my “two teams” if you like. And no, I don’t like bias affect my judgement before you ask.

Unlike most tipsters, I won’t cover competitions/leagues I know nothing about. All the competitions I cover are competitions I know about. I don’t simply adorn statistics either, like most “tipsters” do – statistics can be very misleading. I prefer to watch the games and see what actually happens, you know? I feel that’s far more beneficial. I’d always make the point that statistics are used to support a bet, not to create a bet. If you’re using them to create a bet then you’ll lose, ultimately. Additionally, we have a number of people based around the globe that work with us so that we’re always informed of everything that is going on in each of the leagues that we cover, which means that we do the work so you don’t have to.”


From the Tipstersplace website

“A lot of people across the globe are passionate about sports betting and there is no doubt that everyone bets to win. No one wants a losing investment and this is not any different when it comes to sports betting. However, the chill wind most people face is having the right tips to make win. At we take the hard work out giving you the right tips you would require to be a long-term winner. Our major aim is to ensure that our clients are ever winners and with our services you don’t need to worry about long-term winning.

The credibility of our company is greatly attributed to our huge commitment to offering the best betting tips to all our clients. To guarantee this we have in place professional tip stars who come to work every day to ensure that all you do is win. All our tips are fully verified by third-party site like and the This means that all our results are verified.

We have a good history and our company has made over 16000 fully verified tips. Moreover, we have over 500 happy customers from the tipster reviews in the SBC magazine. We have a six-team achievement by years and in 2018 we are coming with a whole new design.

Yet our services are outstanding in quality they are available at very competitive rates. We understand that different people have different budgets and at we have both free and paid services. We offer one month to one-year subscription plans for every tip star.

At we have smart tip stars who ensure that all our clients get outstanding tips to make them hit a home run every time they bet.


We value all our clients and our number one goal is to ensure that our services offer them maximum levels of convenience. Our website is very simple to use and every day we are buckling down to create better functionality.

Advantages of

At we are a combination of all you would to be successful in sports betting. We have professional and experienced personnel who work to ensure that all our clients’ highest expectations are met. We also have both free and paid services and regardless of what your financial plans are we can always accommodate you at our company. Moreover, we are dynamic and every day we strive to ensure that we put smiles on our clients faces.

Why people choose the

Our good background and experience in the industry makes better placed at providing you with the best sports betting tips. We have a good history of having made many people long-term winners and this is a variable that attracts many people towards our company.


From the Tipstersportal.comsite:

Who We Are

TipstersPortal brings tipsters and bettors together. When you join our site you will receive unlimited access to hundreds of tipsters from around the world with verified track records.

No longer do you have to rely on the “hit or miss” tips offered in forums or try to determine on your own whether an individual tipster’s claims are true.

What We Do For You

We make it easy to receive tips from tipsters around the world. We also keep track of tipsters’ performances so that you know exactly how they have done since joining our site.

In fact, once a match has finished no one can modify a tipster’s history on our site which means no tipster can make themselves look more successful than they really are. This detailed, accurate information allows members to pick a tipster that is right for them and their upcoming bet.

In addition, we allow members to track the performance of their tips from the easy-to-use dashboard in their account.

The Tipsters

Before a tipster can start offering tips through TipstersPortal they must go through a verification process. The success of their tips is then tracked on our website so that you can see how their tips have performed since they signed up.

This means that now, instead of searching the Internet for hours and still not being sure which tipsters are legit and which aren’t, you can simply visit pages on our site to view top-performing tipsters.

At TipstersPortal, you can easily access unmodified tip histories for every tipster listed on our site. All provided tip histories are 100% accurate and unmodified

From the Yoursoccertips tipster website

What type of service do you provide?
We provide consulting in the form of high confidence soccer betting tips with over 75% winning chance. Our tips are carefully selected by our professional staff and give our clients the opportunity for a great profit.

After successful payment has been made, depending on your selected package, the respective tips count will be added to your account. You can see how many tips you have on the top of the screen or when you go to get tips.

After you have purchased at least 1 tip, you can go to get tips and see the available tips for the day. You can select the tips you would like to be delivered to your email and click the “Send” button on the bottom right. The tips will be sent to your e-mail instantly.

Important note regarding the tip of the day: The tip of the day is a special tip, picked by our tip master. It has a better chance of winning and is respectively more expensive. The tip of the day will not be visible in the get tips page, rather it will be sent to your email instantly after you purchase it.

We recommend Bet365, Pinnacle, 188bet, 10bet, SBObe and 12bet.

What if I buy your tip and I do not win?

Although our tips are proven to be highly successful, it is possible that we don’t get it right each time. As a courtesy to you, we will automatically add one tip to your account everytime you purchased a tip and it did not win. If you purchased the tip of the day and it did not win, we will automatically send you the next available tip of the day.

Do you have free trial?
No we don’t have free trial, but you can always give it a try with 1 tip. Our policy of giving you a free tip if you lose guarantees that each of your purchases will win.
Below are our options for tip package purchases. With over 80% winning rate we are proven to be one of the highest winning tipster websites. And with our 1-free-tip policy, your profit is guaranteed!

1 tip $99
3 tips $199
15 tips $699